How do you like to play the story?

Now that the best time you can have in fgo is approaching (new story chapter), this question becomes a bit more relevant.

How do you go through the story chapters? Do you 3 turn every node? Let dante and skadi handle everything? Hope your friends prepared their herc and cu alter? Maybe you like to use the story support? Do you only use a select few favourites? Or maybe you don’t really pay attention who you bring for the battle?

When I started fgo I made rule for myself to exclusively use the story supports. This made certain battles in part 1 very, very difficult, especially as f2p with a limited squad and who didn’t really wanted to spend time farming embers. But every win felt even more special that way.

My approach changed a bit, i do use friend support now sometimes to run specific playstyles or to play with servants I don’t have but enjoy using (sherlock, hijikata for example).

What didn’t change is that I try my best to use every servant that i raised to max level at least once. (Yes, even jalter). Reasoning is because the story chapters are always the highlight for me in fgo and I want every servant that joined my mc for his journey to participate. It will probably get harder ever new chapter when my roster expands.


Something that I really like to change about story battles is the timing of the team selection. You usually pick your servants before reading the story, I’d really prefer it if it were the other way around.

It gets annoying for servants like rama or proto cu, who I might have used to finally take advantage of their niche once in a blue moon, but didn’t bring along because I had no way of knowing that a wild beast or demon is going to show up.


This will happen a lot with future chapters and events. I think SIN might even have some nodes that behave this way.


I also tend to use story support when possible. If there is no Story support then I’ll go for the friend list. I never worry about 3T – you only play through the story chapters once after all. I just bring beefy Servants of the right class and try to get the job done.

It’s nice to bring Servants who seem to be relevant to the story, I agree. Picking your party after seeing the story would be nice sometimes.


That’s good news.

I agree, I really like to take my time for story chapters. Some servants rarely get used during event farming, I usually find myself prioritizing those servants a little bit. (St servants usually)

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I go in blind, other than the Class prediction before starting the quest.

And I generally choose among my favorites for Counter classing. Specifically, Tomoe, Salter, and Eresh. Occasionally Maid Alter or Umu Caster. Don’t really like the Assassin Class as a whole, so I’ll probably use Sitonai instead.


I don’t have any particular method. EoR I did focus on bonus bond servants, but not strictly so I could actually clear boss battles. Often I’ll pick servants who can have a minimum turn count but not necessarily a strict 3T.

I might mix things up this chapter and try to forgo my usual farming servants as much as possible. Also I just got a Nezha spook, might try keeping “her” in the party since she’s been summoned in story. Maybe I’ll stick with an eastern servant theme while in Asia (not enough Chinese to do that); still need to get a feel for yagyu skills and this is a good excuse.

But I might just go full casgil, saberlot, summer BB card locking crit fest because fun.


I always use as many Servants that are relevant to the chapter as possible/doable.
That’s the reason why I didn’t bother about Class-advantages and defeated Sigurd with Brynhildr.

That’s why I’m hopeful to see some Jing Ke action during the next Lostbelt.


I generally like to use my favorites or characters i haven’t touched in a while.

But sometimes i try to handicap myself, my team for 90% of Gotterdamerung was Sieg, Mash and friend’s Waver, with the 10% remaining being either full low star teams or Euryale, Mash and Friend’s Waver.


I deliberately don’t choose the most efficient farming team.

Story is where I get to be creative and, god forbid, even a bit random with my party comp. Because I don’t read up on story nodes, I do tend to choose my favorite Servants who are also good at handling surprises and gimmicks, like Amakusa and Kiara.


When I read this, I first thought “I don’t have enough leveled Servants to be able to do that,” but then I took a look at my roster…

…Huh… Maybe I could do it after all…


I immediately look up guides and choose my team based on what I’m about to fight. I never go in blind.

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No Black Grail so card RNG for Quick chains is gonna be brutal.


I usually check if there’s any servants with a bond bonus, if not i try to use the servants which are related to the story. Couldn’t care less about 3T when getting through the singularity or LB, i leave that for the free quests.

In this case i’ll try to use Jing Ke a lot since i actually never really used her, also Nezha which i recently got.

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Well i usually always use the story supports and choose the servants with class advantage that i feel like using at the moment.
I usually don’t like to spoil myself the fights because i think that kills the fun of the story.
But i breaked this rules sometimes, the first time i think ways with Mordred on Camelot because i had not enough Archers to win, and i already knew the gimmicks of all the Knights because of all the solos that the people do of those battles, then with the zerk Knights of Agravain because i wanted to end Camelot fast because of Xmas 3 so i just took a Waver to be able to use my ember farming team because, why not? Then i took Waver again to ensure that i was able to bully Tristan with Leonidas, and the last time that i did it was with the corrupted Ushiwakamarus, i used the farming team again, GG Ushiwakamaru

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I go in blind but on second or later tries I might look up a guide, and certainly abandon story support if it’s class-disadvantaged. First time gets me through most of them. Several fights in Camelot definitely took a few goes.

I usually don’t look up guides and view the story as a place to use my full roster or test out unusual comps. For events it’s usually event servants, for lottos the optimal X-slot team, so story is a place to just test servants out and have fun. Only if I die multiple times do I start looking up strats.

There is absolutely some favoritism/default teams though. :fgo_dshy: Archer nodes often get countered with merlin/waver/enkidu, and I also dig out hokusai/casgil/tamamo often. Hokusai is a good counter against so many things, it’s just so easy to default to her. :fgo_casgilworry:

I don’t like to look at guides, that kills the magic of the “OH SHIT!” When you break a break bar and the enemy does something that you didn’t spect like remuve your buffs or get hiper buff or charge his NP, i like to discover what happen by my oun, and using the story supports supports even if they are in a dissadvantage is not something that bothers me, they have to fight this fight so i will let then fight it with me, Bryn was useful against Sigurd even with her class dissadvantage, and she was able to land her NP against Sigurd! I loved that


I get that. I even avoid watching the lostbelt trailers because of the servants that might surprise me when they suddenly show up.