How do you manage exp cards during lotto season?

I’m curious to hear every ones methods for managing the overflow of EXP cards during lotto box opening.

When you don’t have any servants to level up, all the archives fill up really quickly.

To get things started, here are my methods:

  • Burn all silver cards, the new sort feature for the present box is really helpful to filter out the 3 star cards.

  • Manually go through and select the single exp card stacks to maximise the space (depending on space, I usually have to then go through and collect the stacks of 2 as well)

  • I’m probably going to have to burn my class specific exp cards to make room for the all class ones

  • Last resort, just burn gold ones as well (this feels like a waste considering you will always need more in the future).

How to you manage your cards? Do you just burn the excess to save time?

Or.... the forbidden method


I summon extra servants from fp gacha to raise like I’m doing with Gong right now

Burn. Burn it all.


To have multiple leveled copies of the same servant? Or are you raising them for the first time?

Multiple. I have a L1 Gong, L35 Gong, L45 Gong, L55 Gong, L65 Gong. Just missing a L25 Gong now


Depends on boxes.

Raise everything you can (that is actually useful), burn silvers, stockpile what remains for the future servants you plan to roll and make sure you don’t cap the inventory.

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I burnt all of them :fgo_bbgrin:


Sir are you aware of how much power you radiate with that sentence and pfp together


Usually what you already described.

It’s tedious but at least I have enough embers for 3 or 4 gold Servants in the future.


Throughout the lotto I do this:

  1. Send the 1 and 2 ember gifts to the servant box for immediate use.
  2. Once I start hitting around 50-60 gifts with 4 or more, I start sending the 3 ember gifts to the servant box
  3. By now I only have 4, 5, and 6 ember gifts in the box (along with 50 and 100 ember gifts from events or monthly mana prism stuff)
  4. All silvers are burned except for 10
  5. As of right now I have 120 ember gifts with 4 or more embers in each slot.
  6. I maxed my servant second archive this lotto, so I was able to save 460 4-star embers in there (along with about 30 of each gold fou and a bunch of hellfire embers)
  7. I have 300 4-star embers in my servant box, so I can fully raise a few servants instantly.
  8. I was raising servants the entire time, too.

Sitting on about 1100 embers total.


fully stock my second archive with gold embers. Keep whatever gold embers are left in present box.
Burn the silver for MP.

I’ve still got over 70 Servants not at max level, so I wait for 2x/3x success.

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I started the lotto with no servants to level. Got 4 new servants, maxed them out. Now my second archive is full, my present box is half full of 3+ ember stacks, and I still have 90 boxes to open. Will probably have to burn most of my leftover gold embers, unless I manage to get another 4-5 new servants in the next few days.

TLDR: I farmed 190 boxes, when in reality I should have stopped at 120.

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Well I leveled some 3*, 2* and 1* servants since I didn’t have those leveled. Then I went “WUT? THE MP IS RAISING TOO SLOWLY!” so I decided to burn all exp for mp.

I got Detective Fou MLB, last 2 of ML to MLB it and 3K saved up so I can be able to buy the next CE coming out…and Salter dress. Need more mp… :fgo_gudako:


I go through the following options in order:
Grail someone.
Roll ongoing or story banners to hopefully get someone I don’t have yet.
Deposit extra gold embers in archive.
Fill up your inventory with gold embers to the limit.
Fill up the present box.
Sell excess gold and silver embers for prisms to expand archive and inventory, then repeat above steps.
Just burn the everything for prisms.

Burn silver, save the gold ones in the 2nd archive/present box/inventory for future 100 grail targets.

I thought about doing this too back when chen gong first came out, but my lvl 65 gong is so good at dying during the EQs so I am starting to question if having other copies is necessary


Not all CQ’s hit as hard as EQs.