How do you manage exp cards during lotto season?

Step one: level any servants that I happened to not have fully leveled yet. This year, gssr cleo, red hare, and a couple recent spooks in fran and tomoe and Tell.

Step two: beat up Ishtar and give the grail to my boi, then sigh at how few embers it used.

Step three: fill archives and inventory with all 1x and 2x stacks

Step four: :catburn:

I think step 4 started around box 70 of 196


Why that many? Is it just to put the embers to use or there’s a reason?

Personally i’m just keeping a copy at level 1 like i did with all the other taunters and another maxed.


You know how lotto farming takes away your sanity


You’re speaking as if we are sane for playing FGO. :fgo_insane:


Keep about 100-150 4*s, burn the rest. Provided I’ve already put everyone at whatever cap they have without further ascension and grailed my preferences.

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I can see the rationale for 45 and 25 since you unlock the skills while keeping his hp at the bare minimum


My general process for embers is pretty simple.

  1. Max level any servants that have been waiting for it. In general this is the latest GSSR, or any summer servants that didn’t get leveled. Start with the higher rarity ones and work down.

  2. Fill second archive with gold embers. With a fully upgraded and usually empty second archive this takes a while.

  3. Level any servants not already leveled. IE those lower rarity servants I don’t have much use for. Do this while ascending them as far as I can without running out of mats.

  4. I very rarely grail any servants, but should I have been holding off and if my grail stockpile is large enough I will fully grail a servant.

  5. Burn them. Burn them all. This finally happened to me as I literally ran out of ways to use embers with summoning random servants and dumping them full of embers which is a waste.


so it turns out I already had a lvl 45 copy, so I went ahead to level a lvl25 copy, and costed me 5 gold embers

time to go back to bonfire :catburn:


I just finished my 134 boxes and only had a single 6 stack, pretty sure it’s the first one i’ve ever seen.

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And loto is actually the time to replenish … mana prism.


I’m keeping stacks of 4x and higher. Burning the rest.

When I get closer to ~50 boxes left, I’ll start leaving the stacks of 3x


This is basically what I do, even though most of my servants are leveled, I always like to maintain reserves

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All of my servants are maxed so i stuff my inventory and archive with golds and burn all the sirvers first. Then burn the 1x and 2x golds until have space in present box

also nice martha

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I almost never have left over, but when I do I start by burning the silvers and stacking up the golds until theyre full then I leave the rest in my gift box