How do you play Fire Emblem?

How do you play the Fire Emblem games? Is there a certain plastyle you have with all of them or specific ones? Do you choose Classic mode or Casual?

While you don’t have to answer everyone of these questions, I’m still curious how you play Fire Emblem.

My Playstyle

While I always chose Classic, how I play most FE games says the same. I’m casual, in a sense. I don’t really look at my foes’ skills, kit, stats, etc. Sometimes that gets me killed, but it suits me. I rarely go bigbrained and calculate everything I do in any FE game. This is also how I play other RPGs too. Earthbound, Persona, etc.

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if i’m feeling petty (always) i’ll play classic and let azura, peri, and hana die immediately

if awakening: i go classic and let Nowi, Thotja, and sumia die immediately


I Go Straight To Chapter 7 In Awakening

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If a unit dies, I restart (cause it makes me sad when someone dies) :birbpeek:
I don’t look at every single skill, but I try to give XP to every one of my units, even the weak ones.
Which leaves my stronger units not as trained (which ends up being a bad thing)


I always go Casual,because frankly,I want to enjoy the story of those games above the fact that I have to cope with my nerves that any movement error or a random crit,will have me reset the game to make sure none of my units die. I’m just there to enjoy what is given to me on a plate:characters that I’d want to know,and (hopefully) a good story I want to follow.

The only time I went Classic is with Fire Emblem Warriors,but that doesn’t really count, I guess.


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bye bye Nowi, it was torture seeing you talk those few seconds

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Casual, cause the appeal of classic is lost on me, although I play the same way in the new and old games, and it’s pretty terrible

I only level units I want to use, like, even if a unit is in range to attack an enemy, and all of my people I’m using have used their actions, then I’ll move them out of range so that someone I want to get the experience does, cause otherwise it’s a waste

I also make sure that two characters who are supporting are always together, even in the 3DS games that have pair up, I hardly ever use it(especially Fates), this has led to multiple game overs and resets in the older games, by the way

I always play classic and restart at any death.
I usually look at all foes skills/weapons for maximum anticipations/see who will give me somes items

I often plan for maximum support efficiency in GotHW/awakening/fates for next gen monsters
I’m planning supports If i play an older fe game in hard mode, if not I don’t care.

I usually have one roster consisting of fav unit/best unit (depending If i play in normal or not) and try to keep all the roster at good lvl.

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It’s pretty mixed for me, but since I usually play on hard difficulty, casual is more common for me. If I play classic I keep everyone alive, always.

Also, I forgot to mention, I restart at any death too, even units I don’t use.

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Hard classic and try to get everyone to live

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Feel bad for being a Filthy Casual

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  • Normal classic
  • I try to make everyone survive and recruit everyone, even if I bench them
  • I collect rare items but I don’t/rarely use them
  • I don’t pair units that much units because either the supports are way too long to grind (and I read them on the Internet), either I just rush with my favourites.
  • If there are marriages, there are only a few. And I don’t bother to recruit more than 2 or 3 children per game. I’m not fond of it.
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On my first playthrough I always do casual because I want to enjoy the story without worrying about resetting every time I get hit by a 2% crit or 11% hit rate. On subsequent playthroughs I do classic for the added challenge in keeping everyone alive.

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I usually go Hard/Casual. I’m too wimpy for Lunatic and I reset anyway; Casual helps save time on grinding and lets me get away with silly ■■■■■■■ when I don’t feel like playing seriously.

As for playstyle, it depends on the game, but usually I play on the safer side. I generally get one or two units to be super tanky and then use them to bait the AI. The next turn, I bum rush whoever is close, then set the tanks up again. Rinse and repeat.

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My first playthrough is always casual (in the newer ones). Then it depends: if I want to train other units to learn more about them, I stay in casual. If I want a challenge, then it’s classic. BUT I usually prefer the characters over the difficulty.

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I get every single character and max their stats and build them differently, especially in Fates. It’s better to use other units than the same ones.

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I try to play Hard, die in the prologue, inevitably go back to Phoenix mode because I suck


If a unit dies, I restart simple enough, tho in the more resent games I just play the mode that revives them after so that I don’t have to spend the extra time redoing chapters, tho once in PoR I got to the end of a hard chapter and Boyd died… u just let him stay dead because I didn’t want to redo it all over again