How do you pronounce Wrys

  • Rise
  • Reese
  • Werz
  • Ris

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Wirz? Rise? Reese? I’ve never heard of this pronunciations for him. :thinking:

Then again, I thought Camus was pronounced completely differently.

Karel is pronounced like Carol.

Fir is pronounced like fear.

So I dunno.

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I never heard WERZ until my friends started saying it like that

I know someone who called him “wires” XD


It is?

Also I knew about Camus because that’s my favorite author’s last name


I think Feh pronounced it that way during one of the FEH Channels.

I pronounce it WRYYYYYYYY

Joke aside, “Wreess”. That’s the most logic for me

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I thought FEH said it as a pet name for Camus, or at least that’s what I was hoping for

Also, I moreso say Riz, but whatever

No, his name is as pronounced Reece’s puffs.

You all are getting his name wrong…


At this point, I take whatever Feh says as factual when it comes to character names unless she pronounces it differently than how it’s voice acted.


That’s how i always said it but I also always saw the y before the r…

I honestly can’t stand people who says that it’s pronounced Camoo,maybe it’s the correct pronounciation,but I refuse to call him like this.


It’s funnier as “WERZ” so I starting saying that instead of “Rise”

What about Caeda? People usually pronounce it as either Shee-da or Kay-da. I heard her name firstly in Warriors and that’s how I always say it; See-Da. It sounds better,too.

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Herbert the Pervert.

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Why do you capitalize WERZ like that?

Wasn’t it pronounced as “Shiida” in Japanese?

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Because that’s how they said his name with so much emphasis, they said it as if it was a plural of “were”

It was also “Sheeda” in the OVA

But I’ve seen people say “Kay-duh” too

Shee-da is actually the japanese pronunciation. Perhaps that’s why people pronounce her like that?

But I think the correct pronunciation of Caeda in english is See-da. Warriors pronounced her name like so, hence I think that’s the correct pronunciation.