How do you think we can make command seals more useful

Honestly, I think command seals are wasted because we don’t use it all the time,
I finished the story and I have almost no use for command seals, the most I do with them is use them on a lazy day to finish up farming quickly by charging servant np’s
I think they should let us charge ap bar with three command seals, similar effects of using a quartz to revive, and it’s not too broken right? We get to refill our ap once every three days
Or we should be able to use them on specific servants so when we do the daily free quest we have a (ever so slight) higher rate of drop for skill up material for that servant

What do you guys think and how do you think they can make command seals more useful?

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I guess I always thought it would be more interesting if each Command Spell had its own function (like the way the Crypters use them), rather than being three identical chances to full heal/full MP or all three for teamwide revive.

They could also add more effects.


Like a star bomb would etc would be great


I think that are fine as they are, that you have a mechanic doesn’t mean that you need to use it all the time, but the thing that Dandy Say could be interesting


While I think CS’s are fine as-is, more options wouldn’t hurt at all. While i would like to see something along the lines of getting a new command seal “spell” with each lostbelt, it doesn’t fit with the whole “the MC is just a bad mage” archetype that DW has us pegged in.

Maybe once the MC stops being incompetent, we can have nice things. XD


We’re gonna be waiting literally forever if we’re hoping for the MC to become a better mage, barring a Fate universe miracle that gifts him with the sort of magical circuits that mage families develop over generations.

I’m sure they could contrive something to power him up if they had a narrative reason, but it wouldn’t happen normally.


while i’m DEFINITELY no expert on anything Fate-world related, isn’t the whole concept behind Sirius Light that

LB spoilers

THE alien is gifting people power

? Maybe something like that? Or that we steal their power? Idunno.

Really ain’t no working around it, like you said: The MC is weak, and probably always will be, since the point of the game/series is to show off how great the servants are.

Not reading the spoiler, so I can’t really comment.

I can think of any number of ways they could circumvent his limitations, but yeah, I think they like him (or her) as an everyman hero.

That being said, his anime presentation is actually shown casting spells (we can assume that he’s not just using his Mystic Code since the story has him wearing True Ether), even though he’s not great at them, so maybe action-Fujimaru could (sort of) be a thing someday.

Honestly, If they could add a spell usage to just “Refresh Mystic Code Skill Cooldown” It would be great.


How exactly a command seal can affect your body?

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at least we got to pilot a giant golem in Russia


Command seals can only affect servants, they have no power to affect masters or mystic codes.


I’d love a command seal that could save a servant that died to focused attacks or a stray crit, so I have no excuse to time-alter my way out of bad RNG.

I think they’re useful enough as they are. Not like they’re meant to be used often anyway, especially considering lore.


Are you forgetting Kirei’s use of them in Zero? Or is that an unusual case that normally wouldn’t be possible?

It’s been a bit since I saw Zero, remind me what he did?

He used them as a mana supply basically to make his dagger-things bigger.

It’s also how he avoided getting one-shot by Kerry’s special bullet, can’t mess up his circuits if he’s using the command seals as the mana source instead.

Hmm… Sounds like he was tampering with them in ways they were not meant to be used, then. Not sure how possible that would be for our MCs.

I know, I just thought it would be nice from a gameplay standpoint.

Actually, looking at them again, It still bothers me that there’s either options for usage of One or All of them, but what about using two at once? That would be at least something new. For example, Debuff Cleanse for the entire party or something like that. Just like our Golem friend has shown us.

I second the something that costs 2 seals option . For gameplay at least. Not sure how it fits from lore perspective. Like what about reviving the starting lineup only? So spend 2 command seals to revive first 3 servants only. Like a cheaper, but less effective version of using 3 seals.