How do you use your Command Codes? Any Advice?

I often find myself too worried to use the rare command code unlocks & command codes because I’m afraid to waste them… Honestly it feels just like grails but worse because there are multiple rare materials involved. Any advice?

For those of you who have applied your command codes, any good combos you’d like to share? The only one I’ve used is the 3* C.Star gather one on my NP2 Enkidu’s lonely Arts card and it does seem to help.

(PS - Moreover, can you waste a command code? If you use a remover, can you reapply it to another servant? I’m too nervous to find out myself lol)

If you actually use the remover then you’ll keep whatever code was applied, it’s literally the entire intention of the item, and I’m pretty sure it’s explained when you go to use one. You waste a code if you flat out overwrite it (meaning no remover was used).
Effective code combinations also vary quite a lot depending on who you’re using, since some of the more niche codes work way better for some rather than others (for example the stun block would work on Fran quite well, while most would rarely make use of it.)

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Currently there aren’t that many of them so i’ll say how i mainly use the ones we have.

Quetz has very powerful Buster cards already because of her attack/Buster up so while the crit damage CCs would be great, the currently available ones aren’t that impressive so i gave her star absorption on Busters, for the turns she can’t use her 3rd skill, crit damage on Arts, for a extra damage as she lacks arts buffs, and star gen on her quick, because why not? I also trmporarily gave her Cure to solo a certain fight in LB3.

Through a similar thought proccess i gave Raikou CCs except i decided on powermod/crit damage for her Busters because she has long term star absorption but no crit buffs.

Another one i gave CCs is Mash.

Between Blossom letting her remove Attack up from enemies, first servant giving slightly more defense, Cure and White vessel cleansing her, she becomes even harder to kill in a defense stacking team.


I gave Dantes the anti-Weak to Enuma Elish CC so he could more reliably kill Billy with one crit in this year’s last Gilfest exhibition quest. That’s about it


This thread has some breakdowns, suggestions, hit counts, and uses on servants.


My plan is to put all the edgy ones on Jerker

Other than that, I’m waiting on a few so I can go wild on maxing out my favorite

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You shouldn’t be that worried about your long term Unlockers.
IIRC it was the 5th anniversary that made some changes to the process.
Right now on JP it is free to remove codes so it is closer in effect to setting up CEs for the card deck.
The Code remover is now instead used to reverse the use of the Code Unlockers.

Depending on how stingy you are and how many you get during events you might end up with a bunch of removers that you won’t use.
At the moment I have still have 50 and I stopped buying new ones a while ago.

I’ve mostly focused on giving FP CC to solo servants.
I’ve used the ones that boosts Star weight on the cards I’d like to use and they also have a cleanse or two.
Some have gotten the star generation CC (though that won’t boost that much).

So far, I put two of the common star-draw codes on Dantes’s two Quick cards, hoping for some slightly more consistent Quick crits, but on the long run I found them entirely useless. One time, I had a hand with thirty-something stars and four of Dantes’s cards, including his two Quicks, and all other cards were at 100% except for those two.

I have also put the Excal command code onto Eresh’s sole Arts card, and that one seems to be marginally more useful, but RNG can still screw you over whether you have it on a card or not. I haven’t used any of the other codes, because putting them on is more hassle than it’s worth. I think the only servants that really benefit from these are non-guts-based soloers, as the small heals, debuff cleanse, and the reliable access to cards with extra damage helps them do their job better, but otherwise I find the entire system to be completely superfluous.

how do you unlock using command codes?

You use the command card key thingies under to unlock each individual card and then inscribe the codes

It’s under Enhance I believe

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how get keys?

Monthly MP shop or events

giving jack (or any quick assassin) star drop codes are pretty useful since only using one of their cards gives enough stars for busters next turn.

give the c. star gather code on lancer raikou since it allows her to loop really easily.

I gave the damage cut on emiya alter since he has good def up skill that also gives damage cut.

wedge of heavens might be useful on amakusa since he’s most useful against servant cqs

Im not sure if it works since its a demerit but giving “white vessel” to hans to remove his def down can be useful

Other than these just slap the gold ones to the waifus

Usually I would use CCs for servants who good at solo. Yes you can reuse the CC after using the remover to detach the CC from command card. In 2 Years future update, you can detach CC without using remover.

My recommendation CC for solo servants:

  • White vessel’s/cure/any CC remove ailment debuff

  • Holy night’s/any CC generate crit stars

  • Wedges of the Heaven

  • Any CC can increase np gain

  • Maiden of Orleans+Good wife wise fox( recommend on servants with healing skills like Nero )

Personally, the only Servant I’ve bothered with unlocking Command Cards for is Tomoe, and I certainly don’t have optimal CCs on her currently. I’m kinda excited for all the CCs that apply burn, along with secondary effects. I want to see big burn damage numbers. :smiley:

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Im not sure if it works since its a demerit but giving “white vessel” to hans to remove his def down can be useful

That’s not necessary, since his skill gets buffed to no longer have a demerit, so there’s no need to give that CC to him.

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I’ve been using 2* CCs freely since I can change it without using a remover. Most favorites have at least a bunch of burst, and at least a cure on stall/solo type servants.

Of the higher rarity ones… The savior of France got the anti dragon codes. Tama got the damage cut and heal ones for a little more help in stalls. And the rest are stewing in my indecision because I either have too many I’d like to give them to or don’t know anyone who’d really benefit…

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So far, I’ve seen only one CC allocation that feels like a potent upgrade. It’s the +100% gather rate on Musashi’s Arts card. Everything else feels much more optional/generic.

The 2 star CCs I have a loose format. Quick cards mostly get glitter, arts get cure or focus while buster are applied with burst or focus. While mostly miniscule in effect, they at least can serve as placeholders until the better equivalent CCs come. Of course, factors such as hit counts, deck types and generation stats are factors to take into consideration.

As for higher rarity ones, I just mostly go by based on the servants’ skillset and gameplay style, either to supplement what’s lacking or reinforce their strengths. Honestly, we still haven’t acquired the bulk of CCs so CC builds are still pretty inconsistent and lacking as of right now.

Sorry for being late but remember, the command codes increase the star absorption by 25% (or 100% if it’s Armament).

Dantès is an Avenger with around 30 star weight, 1.25 times 30 is 37.5 and 2 times 30 is 60. A Caster’s average star weight is 50, so even with the best star absorption command code he doesn’t outweight Skadi by that much and a average roll on the 50-20-20 mechanic (extra weight added to random cards every turn) completely ruins it.

You want those CCs on Riders or Archers, who already have high star weight naturally.

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