How does 3H work exactly?

So, I know that the game is divided in two halves, one in the school and the other in war. I also know that you can choose different routes.
So, I’d like to ask you some questions:

School Part

  • Is there a time limit to train your units and do classes? Can you do it forever or there is a certain amount of activities you can do before the war phase?
  • Are there normal FE maps (deploy units and do objectives)? How do they occur in the middle of school time?
  • When do you choose your path? Do you choose it at the beginning of the game? Or you choose it at the end of the school phase?
  • Do you teach everyone until the war phase? Or you decide which house to teach before anything?

War Phase

  • When does it begin? Is there a cut between this phase and the school one?
  • Do you instantly begin with the house you chose? Or you have some chapters alone?
  • Does this phase work like normal FE games with separate chapters with limited units?
  • Does this phase work like Sacred Stones or Echoes, where you travel an overworld to complete quests?
  • Is there some kind of “hub” like Fate’s castle, where you talk to your units and do stuff?
  • How many routes are there?
  • Is there any “secret” route that you find by beating the game that ends up with everyone alive and happy?
  • Is there any way to have all units on a single playthrough (besides the main characters)?
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About an hour in, if you go through a lot of dialogue

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4 routes, no route where everyone is happy and alive

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So…is it like this?:

  • Hello professor
  • Time to meet each house’s students
  • Which one do you choose?
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Yeah, essentially

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You get to do stuff once a week and thats limited to around 4 each month. You dont have to worry about a time limit. If you play on normal there is infinite grinding, but for challenge sake I suggest hard even for new players.

Theyre pretty normal. Theres only a few maps with unique objectives but nothing crazy,

The beginning of the game you pick your house and it decides your route

And after in a way. You decide which house to teach before anything too

Its immediate for a cut

Only a prologue really

Its closer to normal fe games but shorter, much shorter. Most of your time is school phase or at least half

Not really no

Yes, its explore mode and you are forced to do it every month, very fun in this game

4, 1 for each and then edelgarde has 2


basically every play-through lets you recruit most. Main characters and loyalists dont hang based on your house though


I don’t really recommend hard for your first play through


Actually gives a challenge
Let’s you see what units are better and worse
Easier to ‘selective level’ your units (for lvl50Bernie and lvl30 Byleth)
Gives you the tactics in a tactics game

Takes longer
Needs you to battle more for EXP
Leaves less free days for tea

Honestly I feel that hard mode is just such a trek and not worth it, for me at least. Do whatever you want, but I see 3h as a game of story and characters rather than a tactics game

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Wow. If I’m honest…I thought it would be more complicated.


From what ive seen my sister play and shes new, the gameplay is a bit easy on normal and just right on hard. Theyve played at least two games before so I 100% recc hard

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Hard isn’t all too bad on a first playthrough. A lot of Three Houses’ difficulty comes from all the mechanics it throws at you, but after you get over those bumps, it’s pretty manageable. Besides, you could always lower the difficulty if you’re not feeling it


I agree. The thing is that I really just don’t enjoy 3h combat much. It feels a little lazy, luck based and monotonous. The difficulty on hard is exactly right for the game, but I would rather the combat be easier so I can have more time on story and supports. Maybe I’m just too spoiled with combat games, I’ve played Sekiro, and that’s more my style of combat than 3h

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Pretty sure you can’t lower difficulty

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You can lower it at any time, but you can’t raise it

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Difficulty also depends on the units you end up recruiting or who you start with, but based on questions it seems like they wanna recruit most or everyone