How does Assault Troop act on other move types?

Does it really lock you into cardinal directions or is that only an armored-use case?
(empirical evidence appreciated)

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Well it does say “Unit can move up to 3 spaces in any Cardinal direction”. So say if an inf unit had it they’d be able to move 1 extra space in any Cardinal direction but still only 2 spaces diagonally


From the showcase video, I would say it’s an armor thing. You can see the tiles Edelgard can naturally move into are of a different tone of blue than the ones she can wrap into. I assume infantry, fliers and cavs will keep their natural movement and just have extra wrapping tiles in cardinal directions.

Someone with SEdelgard could try this out with the Armored Boots/March seals.


Using armour boots on El just gives you an additional movement(The 3rd space movement) in the cardinal directions while you keep the increased movement from the SS. No reason why it’d restrict other movements, especially when it doesn’t specify it.

Also it seems like cavs can use it which is a bit odd but I guess it bypasses gravity effects? Also potentially ignores trenches and maybe, but probably not, ignores forest tiles just for cavs.

Giving Vader the solution as it’s the correct answer even if no tests were done


I would test it on other movements (namely only Cav to see how it’d work against both Trenches and maybe Trees tho doubt it’d work on trees since they naturally can’t travel through them) but it’s me no way I’m foddering a Summer Edelgard unless she’s already +10 and I got an extra copy


But as a visual for how it applies to at least Inf/Fliers

Still get the normal movement, just 1 extra space in the cardinals as it states