How does Blarblade work?

Thinking of making my Rinea an offensive support and giving her Blarblade but have no idea what Blarblade is and does. (even after reading gamepress)

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Why do you not search in GP



Ok so
Imagine your character gets a 5 attack boost and 3 defense boost. This adds to your normal damage so you deal 8 more to what you’d normally do.

It essentially adds all your visable buffs to your Atk stat. Say you have 45 Base Atk with the tome, and your Atk got buffed by 6. Normally, your Atk would become 51 thanks to the buff, but since Blarblade adds the buff to the Atk stat, it becomes 57. Add another +6 buff, it becomes +18. Add the last two, it becomes +30.

So it’s somewhat like bonus doubler?

Basically bladetomes add all visible buffs ur unit has on to their Atk stat.

So lets say ur Rinea has been Azura danced and she has +6 to all stats. So basically, bladetome would add all the +6 to Rinea’s attack, so 6×4=24. So she would get a +24 increase in attack. However, since she already got an increase in attack due to the visible buff (+6) being added to her ATK due to Azura buffs, that +6 will be added as well, thereby making it +30.

Kind of?
But it just adds everything to Atk instead of the respective stats.

I guess? It just adds it all on Atk, rather than doubling them.

Its not. Bonus doubler doubles the visible buff u have on a certain stat.

Bladetomes just add whatever visible buffs u have to your attack.

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Okay I understand now. Thanks to everyone that answered my question. Damn… Blarblade actually really powerful, where have I been in the past 3 years…

Blade tomes are completely shut down by panic though

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Indeed, Blade tomes are strong. Powerful, but not ridiculously busted.

Or just anything that neutralises visible buffs, like Dulls/Lulls.

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Because that involves effort Lain.


Fuck, I should’ve known better.
Thanks godly Konga