How does premier cup actually sound like?

I recorded all of these matches on my own, overall most likely because of the timing where I am playing it (5am - 6am), most of the real AI supersoldier players haven’t woke up yet and most players didn’t seem to be prepared, also odd amounts of Dragon Tail D-nites for whatever reason.

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I’m not going to try to interpret time zones, but I play many of my matches 6 to 8 hours from now. 12am to 2am Central USA time. It is pretty tough. I think partially hardcore Americans playing in the middle of the night, partially regular hour players in other parts of the world (no clue where that time would constitute “regular hours”)

I fought a Togekiss in every one of my matches and my Magnezone destroyed all of them. Give it a week, they’ll all disappear just like Giratina-A did when everyone and their mother used one.

Yep, that was even in the last season…and every single one of them (that I saw) had Outrage.

In my case, it was Metagross because everyone leads with them and Magnezone or Garchomp kills it without fail. No exceptions. Also forcing switches and causing stuff to come out so I can murder them with my own Togekiss or Metagross.

That second battle…

That’s one of the most awesome battles I must have ever seen. Safeswapping Typhlosion into a Water Gun (??? who the hell runs that) Swampert. Surprise Hurricane on a Gyarados, and then in the end you find out that your Magnezone actually completely walls a Metagross lacking EQ (and probably Meteor Mash too).

Anyhow, despite some… interesting plays, I have 3 very simple tips for you that may help;

  1. You noticed how he switched his Swampert into Gyarados after you switched Dragonite in, and your time-clock wasn’t up yet? If you lose a matchup and your switch clock isn’t up yet, you might want to wait out that 10 second clock. Because if he switched in a Togekiss on your Dragonite, well, that would have been a lot harder to come back from. Don’t worry about potentially losing to time-outs here, it’s not Ultra League

  2. The farmdown on Swampert was good, but if you have 2 pokemons left, and the pokemon in the current matchup has very low health and can’t get another charge move off sure, you should switch it out IMMEDIATELY. Those extra fast moves they get off, even if it’s just 1 like this Metagross did, they can be the difference between a win and a loss. It’s unlikely this happens in Premier/ML, but if the switch clock gets up again you could even use that pokemon with low health for a sacrificial swap!

  3. I was going to say something about building up 2 Wild Charges before throwing them as this made it a very close fight, which was far from necessary, but I’m guessing you did throw it earlier because you didn’t want to risk running into an EQ. I guess only in hindsight you could know they don’t have it…

  4. As for the Premier 5 Battle, look at Metagross’ CP. Noooooooo way he had EQ on that, you should try to recognize that if you play Premier Cup in those ranks

GiratinA was never so much present in master League, or? In great League at least it is still everywhere. But I guess togekiss won’t be present SO much anyway cause it has two hard counters, of which one is in EVERY team. I guess.

The rest is surprisingly varied, Gyarados, rhyperior, machamp, of course togekiss, Snorlax, garchomp, mamoswine, magnezone, swampert, glaceon, aggron (not that good even vs Dragonite), Tyranitar, magmortar (??)
Well, of course
Metagross, Dragonite everywhere. And yes, funny, all the dragonites with dragon tail and dragon claw :smiley:

What are differences in rewards between the Premier Cup and the regular master league? Is it better stuff available? I can’t really seem to find much info on it…

It is the same rewards, the competition it is more friendly to players that don’t have unlimited resources (experience. Stardust, raiding, rare candy). I just did my Masters set…Best Buddy Dialga and Landorus Earth Power and Rock Slide each battle. The other Pokemon used were Mewtwo Flamethrower and Psystrike; Palkia Aquatail and DracoMeteor; and Togekiss. Really fast battles, I actually have a Groudon Fire Punch and Earthquake, but I don’t see the point…I think Landorus is better. 70% of opponents used Melmetal and 75% used Dialga…50% Metagross, 50% Groudon. Landorus competitive vs Togekiss beats Garchomp senseless and Melmetal’s Rock Slides dent it (but I think they expect a OHKO…Lando landing an Earth Power is lights out). Landorus obliterates Groudon.***Gira-A is actually a pain-in-the-A. Gira-O had several leads but I think less effective than Gira-A appearing in the middle (not that I would use one)

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First Premier Cup match

ME: Tyranitar, Metagross, Rhyperior
HIM: Gyarados, Metagross, Rhyperior

This matchmaking is such bullshit.

3-2 in the first set. I wish I could use my 100% Conkeldur, but that’s staying a Gurdur until the inevitable Timbur Community Day (which remains something I detest about this game – exclusive moves). For now, my 100% Machamp, 97% Metagross will be core. 100% Rhyperior is too vulnerable to plant, water, and fighting attacks.

Plant weakness is nothing I care about, more problematic is rhypis weakness to steel. Apart from that I was pleasantly surprised by rhyperior. Especially when not running the expected moveset
@devshaw - right, fire punch works only when the bait is shielded. Apart from that it doesn’t deal any damage even vs steel. But I faced only one groudon. Lots of dialga and melmetal, one zekrom, very powerful; some giratinA/O, two Kyogre, not much else

Someone else with a Garchomp needs to help me understand how to play him because right now he has been totally useless. No, I’m not running Mud Shot but I don’t have enough candy for a second move either. DT/Sand Tomb right now.

I guess garchomp doesn’t make sense without a second move. This is why I do not use one atm (sorry, even though I don’t use one I answered)

I’ve tried Landorus before. It’s not good. Dialga and Melmetal kill it if shields are on.

But then you have shield disadvantage cause you burned two shields with dialga. Not a good thing in ML. So it is still at least not bad. And without shields, landorous wins. Melmetal loses.

Day one recap:

I only played PC yesterday. It was a strange day, it went
4-1 / 1-4 / 5-0 / 1-4 / 4-1
After that you tell me there’s no algorythm, I mean after every set of wins I met hard counters.

I began with my team of:
15-14-15 Magnezone WC+MS (lead)
14-15-15 Mamoswine BD+AV
BB 15-14-14 Dragonite DC+Outrage.

It went well the first set, nearly didn’t have to use my Mamoswine other than finish opposing Dragons.

Second set was atrocious, met 4 consecutive Swamperts/Garchomp with my lead Magnezone. Lost these 4 games.

So I tweaked things for the 3rd set, I put Dragonite in the lead and TMed it to tech it Hurricane instead of Outrage. I also brought in Gyarados in place of Mamoswine.

Funny thing, this Gyarados was Waterfall+Crunch/Hydro Pump (used for raids before) and i didn’t notice it until my first battle. It went so well and I went against what nearly everybody do and kept Waterfall on Gyarados. It’s 4 power + stab and makes it a hard counter to Metagross + Swampert + Rhyperior and is effective against Togekiss and nearly every other mon in the meta, except Dragonite. This team worked very well for me because it went 5-0/1-4/4-1 (in the 1-4 the 1st battle was against a cheater, the 2nd i lagged a lot and the 3rd i totally switched the wrong pokemon and nearly won).

Magnezone is a bit frail ok, but it’s very strong whatsoever, takes care OK of the Big 3 is and a good shield baiter with MS. I intend to keep using it for the time being.

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@Mr-ex777 I lead Dialga every single time. Mine is Best Buddy 15/15/14. I switched when Melmetal or Metagross lead…if Groudon leads vs Dialga, I take a Fire Punch (I land or get a shield with an Iron Head). Togekiss lead, then I go Landorus…they stay a while then bail, giving me more energy for a different victim. They burn shields fast, at the end Dialga smashes Togekiss with an Iron Head. Not like I won every game, but Landorus makes people react quick.***I can only imagine the lightspeed Landorus would fall at if there were more than 1% ice attacks in Masters (Mew?, Mamoswine?, Glaceon?) Well, even then the Rock Slide fights back

I’m terrified to even try ML lmao my rating drop a few days ago has me really discouraged. Although my team according to PVPoke is pretty decent.

Wow, you are using a mamoswine. Guess you had really a lot of luck in your first set. Or the algorithm is supporting you ;)
Seriously, Mamoswine reads nice, but there is so many stuff countering it hardly, I am afraid to even look at my nice shiny one :(
Plus it cannot even beat Dragonite readily, hmpf

Not many in Premier Cup, actually, especially if you have a shield.