How does Sandstorm/Hail work in PM?

So, I know enough to know that it’s a ‘reactionary’ damage effect like other statuses, to where someone only gets damaged if they use a move. But how does the damage calculate?

Is it based off the stats of the user? Is it % Max HP based like in the base games? Is there a way to prevent the damage? And if it is % HP based, does that properly affect enemy boss units and their thousands and thousands of HP?

Asking mainly because I intend to take out Acerola into co-op stuff for her taunt. My roster is really limited in the sense that during the hard co-op stuff like vs Hilda atm, my real only contribution is leading with Maylene, buffing the expected Feraligatrs and Lycanrocs, and then just trying to get as much Def Down on the boss as I can before dying, as my only damage based units either aren’t the right type to bring into the fight, or they only do a modicum of damage and die in one hit. So I’m wondering if trying to help said gacha-lucky teammates with potential flinch spam and a taunt would be more useful than say, an Infernape that does a couple hundred damage and dies to a stray AoE.

Yes, I know I could do the annoying thing and just NEET my way through by doing nothing but grinding Exp training and then fighting events by sheer overleveled-ness, but I really hate grinding and I can only do it for so long before I start to go stir-crazy (these rally trainings, while super useful, really push that limit and I have to spread them out or else).

While I cannot answer for specifics I can tell you that yes Sandstorm/Hail work of % Max HP and Bosses do take hundreds of dmg in my experience.

However, I personally wouldn’t like to be too fond of seeing my Feraligatr endure with 1 HP and get wiped to a sandstorm. Just something to keep in mind

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Fair point on the Endure thing. Just trying how to best serve others and get more clears on the Very Hard co-op event fights when “more damage” isn’t really much of an option for me. Sandstorm doing % max HP on bosses would probably do more than the few offensive threats I can actually bring to this particular battle and still make minimum strength requirement, outside of like a Lucario sync attack (and he and Infernape die in one hit anyways, while Palossand could in theory last a decent while and protect others. I don’t think bosses can Flinch though.)

If you want contribute to the team by lowering def, Nanu & Persian are better for it (also are 4* and F2P).
Sharply lowers def and have 100% chance of doing so. Also rise evasiveness boosting defensive capabilities, and can flinch something (maybe not bosses). Unfortunelty lacks buffing of Maylene & Meditite, but most of SP in co-op is able to buff themselfs (Brendans, Olivias or Krises).

From what I saw, someties is better to wait it out , than use shitty attack. For exaple:
I grind a lot on EX Barry for grass gear. And there is rare times where there is 2 Treekos using bullet seed (standard), and than someone is picking Serperior and use sp. atk all once or twice, and then spam giga drain. She just take 3-4 turns and deal 100-200 dmg, and if she use just Time to Energize! me, and other Brendan can deal 2000-3000 dmg in the same time, boost unity attack faster, and maybe even use sync attack faster.
Thats why Roxanne & Nosepass is decent co-op supprot. Just use Study Buddies! to rise speed so other players can spam attack more, and then wide guard to protect from AoE.

You should not be bringing offensive threats that cannot outdamage sandstorm over the battle. Sandstorm damage to bosses is very bad. If sandstorm if the largest source of damage on your team, you will lose every single Ex Battle - you won’t be doing near enough damage to take down the bosses. My advice would be to bring better offensive threats or grind for better ones. Your Feraligatr, Lycanrocs and Infernape would be better than Sandstorm.

Trapping moves are also bad, but they’re better than sandstorm since they at least don’t hurt your allies. Though even on Ponyta, I’m not sure if the collective trapping damage from Fire Spin would outdamage the burst damage from a single +3 Flame Wheel (Blaine’s boosting move).

Agreed. Residual damage is terrible in this game as in the hardest content available (i.e. EX training) burst damage is absolutely necessary. This in turn also makes “tanky” mons without a good supporting trait (and/or tech mons) less desirable to co-op team building.