How does this defense team look?


Nino had LnD and FB seal before, Eirika had Sorcery Blade and Res Feint, but they weren’t really working much. WEirika also didnt have Brazen Def/Res. I still had a pretty decent success rate (about slightly over half, tier 17 and 7/13 this season so far), but I thought I’d apply more changes, and I hoped for opinions since I dont have many friends to talk these things to ;-;


Ah, but this isn’t the way to do it. The formation you chose makes easy to snipe Nino (OHKO or brave weapon) and run away. Especially when you even provide the wall for them that your units have to go around


Switch Eirika and Nino, move the healing tower beneath the aether fountain, and put the infantry school elsewhere. That way an aggressive player can’t just kill Nino and run, and a defensive player will be more likely to have his tank get overwhelmed.


I would change atk opening on W!Eriika since L!Azura had atk tactic and Nino has odd or even (unsure) tank wave. also might want to change the refine for Nino since it is of no benefit with atk tactic on her. she doesn’t need Spd so maybe res or def since L!Azura will buff those as well.


I’d recommend changing Nino’s position or remove the wall created by the healing tower, aether pot, and school because doing a hit and run by killing Nino is incredibly


2/20 not enough Eirika
I think you should swap Nino’s position with either Eirika’s. She vulnerable where you left her.