How does this look for a new Wind core?

I decided a Menace would be the best to make Aversa a consistent threat and, at the same time, keep max scoring without changing the Seal. It also complements Micaiah’s Menace. Basically, debuff sources everywhere.

Replacing Micaiah with Gunnthrá in the long run for double blessing would be ideal, as it would retain the theme.


If we are strictly talking colliseum modes, seeing your B!Micaiah is already +10 with GDF4, doesn’t she score the best out of all three?


Yes, replacing her to use her in another element is mainly so that the core doesn’t repeat color. Gunnthrá with Duel 4 and her B only scores slightly lower anyway. The Gunnthrá thing might not happen for a very long time anyway, she’s “only” +4 right now.


It looks really good. You can always use the bonus legendary unit for the extra blessing score until you are able to add Gun into the mix.