How easy is Suicine trio?

My wife and I have solid accounts, full of high-level grass types with a few electric, and we have a side account with 6-12 decent grass types in the 32-35 range. Is it feasible to try and trio Suicune, if it’s sunny out?

I just went on GoBattleSim, and got the following results:
Assuming you are all best friends, everything you’re using is Roserade, and that you don’t dodge charge moves. (Also that the side account has only L32 Roserades, and those that your main accounts use are maxed.)
Hidden Power + Hydro Pump: Win rate is over 95%. Do it seems that your squad should be fine, as Bubble Beam and Water Pulse are weaker than Hydro Pump.
Hidden Power + Ice Beam: 0% win rate. But assuming you dodge every single Ice Beam perfectly, the win rate rises to 100%.
Conclusion: Your teams should be fine, as long as you dodge vs. Ice Beam sets.


Im wondering the same thing. Im pretty disappointed that gamepress hasnt published a trio guide for this. According to the guide on pokebattler looks like it will be a tough trio even with weather boost, requiring teams of 9-10 level 35+ counters. We`ve got a lot of good counters but they arent necessarily 35+ or 15 attack so im doubting we can pull off the trio with out accounts.

HP is legacy on Suicune, thoug. Extrasensory could be challenging for Roserade, though Snarl should be a lot easier.

Trio was okay, but it was much tougher when I got some lag/delay. That was with sunny bonus. I only won 3 times against hydropump, bubble beam, hydropump (once it took two tries). Worked out though 3 tries my main account got 2 shiny, including a 1685 and 1675.

I fell a few swconds short. Weather turned sunny at 7pm. Def couls have trio’d with our accounts if it were sunny.

I was so dissapointed with Suicune as a raid boss that I didn’t even tried the trio, but I knew some things about it. Although the duo is impossible, according to TheSilphRoad the Suicune trio in general has a hard difficulty.
Assuming you both had level 35 Roserade and sunny weather you’d being able to beat all sets but the Ice Beam ones. Extrasensory was a little trickier but nothing to worry about that much.

I’ll try the trio if the legendary beasts came back to the normal T5 Raids at some point, the problem is Suicune is so dissapointing in Pokemon Go. Not to mention, it’s only viable set is Hidden Power Water and Bubblebeam or Hydropump despite HP being legacy.

Say Kyogre trio is 9 out of 10 difficult, Suicune was like a 7/10. Its attack is way less, but its defense is slightly higher. Ice beam did about 60% damage to my maxed out roserade without dodging. We did one trio with my almost all maxed teams, A friend with ~lv35 team, and other lv36 friend with ~lv30 teams. It was sunny boost, our teams are mixed of electric and grass, and Suicune’s charge move was ice beam. We also encountered the “fainted-but-not-switching-out-pokemon” glitch a few times. We beat it with 35 seconds left.