How get Goddess Scripture 1

there is a quest missing or not appearing in the game, is this a bug?
how to get the Goddess Scripture? I saw on the web or youtube they got it from the Tour Manual but I didn’t, is this a bug, I keep repeating the free quest in Texas but I don’t get it, can anyone help me?


Pretty sure it’s from a bounty, the gamepress guide should say which.

You need to buy a bounty quest Kaiser Origin from the event shop, and then Twin Pirates. Do them, and you’ll get the first scripture.

Sorry, I’m an idiot, that was the second scripture.

The first one should unlock automatically, I think. From the GP guide:

  1. Complete Main Quests up to Texas Beyond II.

  2. Clear Free Quests to complete Mission 12: Defeat 25 Humanoids.

  3. Complete Main Quest: Texas Beyond III.

  4. Clear Navigation: To The Sea of Stars. Farm Free Quests for Altrium if needed.

  5. Complete Main Quest: Tour Manual.

  6. Clear Goddess Scripture 1.

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I have completed the Tour manual and the existing quests

I’m deadlocked, very confusing

Weird. It should be like a quest drop. Check the inventory for it, maybe?

Sometimes the game fails to recognize completed weekly missions until you restart it. Have you tried restarting?

Yes, that’s right, it’s strange, I saw on the official FGO Web the Drop Rate of Goddess Scripture 1 is 100% in the tour manual, but when I fought until I got to the tour manual, I didn’t get Goddess Scripture 1 in Drop items, I’ve checked several times on " item list" no Goddess Scripture

restarting the game is over 100 times bro, after seeing this comment I immediately started the game again but it’s still the same

Buy the bounties in the event shop and clear them

I have completed all the bounties

It’s the next scripture, this one should be auto after the Navigation: Sea of Stars for 150 Altrium and story Tour after that. This one should just drop as a quest drop from Tour.


My question is …
Are you REALLY follow the step from the guide ???

100% i follow all step guide

You got the item “Goddess Scripture 1” first in the “Tour Manual” I’m sure, but I didn’t get it

If you back out to the main menu does the Saber Wars 2 chapter have “1” in an orange circle at the top right?

no bro, I know if there is a number you mean it means there is a quest that is missed right

Claimed all the missions? Sometimes you have to claim a mission for them to pop.

yes I know, but there is nothing else I can do, there is no other mission anymore.

Might want to report a bug then. I needed some extra Altrium from the guide’s steps occasionally but nothing like this happened.