How good are these units?

So i pulled jiren and purple vegeta and i am wondering how good are they know that UI goku is here ?

I know purple vegeta is a great support and offensive character but as i said with UI goku being release how good is he now ?
And for Jiren well frankly i don’t know how much valuable he is ? He can be used for the powerful oppenents tag but does he have synergy with other characters other than dyspo and toppo ?

According to me, UI goku if above 3 stars is completely broken. However, we all know it is a new character with it’s own mechanics. Purple vegeta will be pretty good BUT ONLY UNTIL the players get used to the mechanics. JUST LOOK AT HIS STATS!! HE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF UNFAIR PVP BATTLES.
As for Jiren, he has a high strike attack and good defences, so he is not one to be overlooked. However, once again, One of the main threats is his low synergy with other characters( you will absolutely need toppo and dyspo and they take up spots of various good characters) and also the unavailability of proper equipments.

So, at the end of the day, it’s totally up to you. You can do whatever you want but I still suggest a good god ki and/or future team.

By some chance i also got the green vegeta of last year banner . So for a God ki team i am sure i can manage but for Jiren can he can be run with the RED cell and Fused Zamasu as a front three ?

Maybe…but also maybe not. Again, he does not have many equipments. But as far as the front three go, it is not that bad. The other three are very much important though.

I suggest to wait for a few days and go with the god ki team till then, and hopefully some equipments for jiren will come by soon and he will be compatible with the powerful opponent teams. Also keep in mind that if you have jiren at low stars, he will not be that good compared to others at high stars (I have him at 6 stars and still he is easily demolished due to lack of synergy and equipments by purples like zamasu and vegeta, even if his damage is high)

Also this is just my view. It’s ultimately you choice. Be sure to try both of the teams, and play with whatever suits you.