How good is A-Mewtwo with Psystrike?

I think for PvE his attack stat is sufficiently low, that I should bring a real Mewtwo with PS, instead. I suspect that for Master League, the answer is about the same. For Ultra League, PS will power up fast and hit pretty hard. Is that enough to make A-Mewtwo shine in Ultra? I think he doesn’t exactly shine without PS.

In PVE, Armored Mewtwo is a completely hopeless cause; with Psystrike, he is still weaker than Mespirit. In Ultra League, Psystrike is great since it hits like a truck and charges pretty quickly. It also helps a lot in the Giratina matchup.

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Of course, a-m2 is better in Ultra with Psystrike than without, but is it good?

Armored Mewtwo was good in Ultra League before the addition of Psystrike to its arsenal. The move enhances it further. It’s currently ranked 6th on PvPoke to give some indication.

In Master League, it’s not quite as good, but still a solid choice.

It will beat about anything thats not alolan Muk, shiftry, scizor or Giratina-O (just naming a few of the meta and anti-meta). I’m getting one for sure. The 2nd move is a thing though, both EQ and DP cover Steel-types, but EQ removes Alolan Muk… despite the fact that Muk pulls out 2 dark pulses you need to shield at least once though. And DP charges faster…

Anyway yeah I think its going to have a huge impact. But I mostly feel sorry for the people having invested in their former A-Mewtwo without Psystrike already

Even A-Muk will get hit hard by neutral damage from Psystrike. I think in UL it has better potential in part because of a lack of other Psychic-types and the infrequency of Dark-types (steel is more popular in my experience and doesn’t wall as hard). Still feel like it needs DP to really swing…

Yeah, you’re probably right. According to PvPoke, an earthquake wouldn’t knock Muk out anyway. Pity Armored Mewtwo has Confusion instead of Psycho Cut…

A-Muk still resist psychic type attacks

Oh you’re right…Dark-type has that double-resistance to Psychic…forgot that :upside_down_face: