How good is Agartha’s story

I’m a relatively new player, and I have just finished Shinjuku. The story was absolutely amazing to this game’s standards, and I would consider it one of the funniest singularities I’ve read, especially with the Salter and Jalter interactions. Solomon, Babylonia, and Camelot were also great.

How then, does Agartha’s story stack up to these previous singularities , and would you consider it worth reading? Are the stories of Shimousa and Salem also good?

I’ve heard that the stories got good since Camelot due to Nasu’s direct involvement. Is he still involved in the pseudo-singularities and in Lost-belt?

For the JP players, how is Lost-belt?

The consensus from what I’ve seen is that Agartha was not very well received.

Frankly, I have no idea why. It wasn’t terrible. I would say it’s the worst of the four pseudo-singularities, but it’s nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

More than anything, I think the final boss was just a let-down (in terms of story more so than gameplay), as well as the fact that they ruined a character you were with for quite some time for no reason.

I don’t think you’ll enjoy it nearly as much as Shinjuku, which itself is a contender for one of the best singularities, but you’ll probably enjoy it. Hopefully, at least.

Shimousa and Salem by comparison are far better than Agartha, though.


I liked parts of it, and I hated parts of it. It wasn’t as good as Shinjuku imo, but overall I think I would still recommend reading it.

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Worth reading, though commonly the least liked by NA-only and JP afaict. Even it’s got stuff to like, though, depending on your persuasion; but that I don’t know. Even as someone who hated it I’d say to read it anyway, at worst you can just press Skip if you get annoyed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Shimousa and Shinjuku though, although Salem takes the cake so far for me personally… favoritism will, again, ultimately depend on leanings though.

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Agartha receives more bashing than it deserves. That said, many (most?) characters are extremely repetitive in what they do/say, to the point they become stereotypes, and it can get really annoying real quick.

Still not to the standards of other singularities. It’s probably the weakest out of all EoR, even if I absolutely despised Shimousa.


Agartha was just…all over the place. The characters the writers brought in didn’t add much, the storyline felt very Okeanos/London level to me, and the fights weren’t so memorable. (Only 2 are worth talking about…and the final fight wasn’t even difficult.)

Still, I had just gotten Kiara and that entire singularity was Kiara food, so that was nice.

d’Eon and Astolfo got some more characterization but d’Eon never became truly rounded and Astolfo was getting annoying. And then there’s shota Fergus…

I don’t mind that he was a shota. I mind that he was pretty much the same “obligatory young male” character that often pervades most battle shounen.

Really, they should have just kept him as an adult.

tbf, from my understanding, na localization did overhaul a ton of things too

no idea if this helped “improve” the quality compared to the jp script or not though

I mean, given how this sort of action usually turns out, probably for the worse.

Didn’t know there were a great deal of changes in this regard though, so I’ll have to investigate that a bit.

from my limited understanding, it apparently played up mroe towards the “horror” angle?

while jp was pure sexual fantasy fetish fuel run amok

So, Western writers trying to enact a more prudish approach. Sounds typical.

Honestly, might have actually gone better the other way, since that’s the sort of perspective I had going into it.

When I have the spare time I’ll have to look up a genuine translation of the story and see how it changes for me.

It’s better than you think, but less than you’d hope.

Apparently, in the Japanese version, the writer got a bit too into writing about their fetishes, and it was toned down for us. The key beats are there, so that’s what matters. We were apparently spared the over the top purple prose about birth, femdom and male slavery.

So it’s supposedly like Quinton Tarantino foot focus scenes vs Dan Schneider foot focus scenes. One you can ignore as part of the bigger picture, and the other is, “dude, why are you making a minute long joke about wet feet?”

So yeah, grazed that bullet…

I didn’t think it was too bad. It’s definitely not the best, but it’s not Septem levels of bad. The Fergus scenes got old fast(unfortunately, he didn’t), to put it short, I don’t much care for what happened to Drake, the ending felt horribly rushed.

That said, anything that wasn’t that was fun. I liked the reveal even though I had been spoiled(plus I’m a bit of a history nut, so I was glad it was coming) it gets a lot more flac than it deserves. It’s mostly a slightly more memorable Septem.

It’ll be an unpopular opinion, but for me Agartha and Salem share the spot of the most interesting EoR chapters. Though this might change when I actually finish Salem.

I’ve been exactly thinking about this one right now. Currently I’m doing Agartha. So far it’s the Singularity that I enjoy least. I will update with my review later.

It’s fine really, nothing too interesting but a lot of people hates it for the things it tackles, IE: Rape, Fendom, etc.

In my book, none of the EORs were all that good but that’s just me.

That’s the reason why i skipped every dialogues with him.
Repetitive and useless.

The story is nothing special, kind of inferior if you look at Shinjuku

It just got better for me, at least, so that should still hold. Also, I’m pretty sure JP really enjoyed Salem as well, so it’s not too unpopular to feel that way.

Then again, how much of that was Abby versus the story as a whole, I can’t say.

JP didn’t like it because “they corrupted our anego” or something.
EN didn’t like it because it came out of the translation really bland and repetitive.

You can do sex and horror really well (see H. R. Giger) it just didn’t execute that well in JP and was cleaned off too much in EN. The remnant theme doesn’t lend it self well to the length of story we have in FGO (and they basically dropped it after agartha anyway). JP also really didn’t like it because of the final boss’s motivations regarding Romani, who is apparently a much more popular character in JP. They had to give the boss-who-is-summonable-later a spot in a later event to explain away the offense.

Nons spoiler: Story was decent. Not great nor bad. Some parts felt like they dragged for a while but also the “enemy” felt really evil.

Spoilery: it f.cking sucked. First they faked us with mata hari death then witch general died easily(even singularit 1 jalters punishment was worse) then samsung decided to let himself get hanged and the until the very last battle it was so easy i didnt even needed to change my 3 regular lunchtime ce’s to give them proper ces.Honestly i lowkey wanted to skip it but circe and robin kept me sane. Dont forget mash is a defenseless baby now instead of a protective wall. Right now im waiting ap for extra fight and i hope atleast that will be hard…

Imo Agartha was still better than Septem/Okeanos/London, the lull of terrible story we had in part 1.
It’s definitely not on the level of the other 3 EoR chapters (which are below Camelot/babylonia level, but very fun regardless) but still worth a read imo.
I’m a big fan of Rider of Resistance. The main “villain” is pretty disappointing tho.