How good is L.Lilina right now?

I’m considering pulling a bit of red on the coming 8%.

My main place for her will probably be in SD (notably as a vantage check), except I’m not convinced she actually does enough against the popular tanks right now. I do have far trace to give her.

Also, is there some graphic showing whom we’re expecting the next DSHs?

I’m trying to finish mine tomorrow.

She’s very strong with this build but Hardy Fighter 3, DR% (from high res units like Medeus and Harmonic Myrrh) and smart positioned Far Save tanks often make things difficult for her. When she can get around those issues, she can very dangerous as AoE damage is still a huge threat in this meta.

I don’t play SD so I’m not sure what popular tanks against nowadays but I think Pulse Tie support helps her against Hardy Fighter/Godlike Reflexes/Vital Astra tanks as well as Panic support. But against B!Dimitri and Askr? Idk maybe with enough merges and attack support? But I doubt that.

Against Vantage V!Palla powered by L!Eliwood, she might need Dull effect from Velouria or Lull Atk/Res 3 to secure the kill against her in SD since I know V!Palla can be rather bulky with Atk/Res Solo 3 seal but any other Vantage sweepers like B!Byleth or Spd Preempt users L!Lilina can take on with ease.

I mostly use mines in Arena and AR for competitive modes and I still enjoy using her. I think Still Water 4 (and Still Water 3 S seal when it comes out) will be better for her but Life and Death stacking is still good on budget.

Here’s the predication chart.


As much as I love using L!Lilina and really, really want to make her my main fire core (mine is only +2 after strings of bad luck), I wouldn’t go out of my way to build her unless she’s a fav. In this day and age, if you plan to build a range nuke for competitive modes, you must consider their viability against hardy + far saves. L!Lilina will have trouble one-shotting most meta far saves except A!Fjorm; she also suffers from color disadvantage.

Amidst all the insane glass cannon running amok in SD, L!Lilina never really felt like the main threat. I have much harder times dealing with other range cavs like W!Lysithea for example. I think this is simply due to current meta - the most common far saves are blue. Should green far saves become the meta in the future, then L!Lilina with green feud will have a place.

In terms of fun factor I would rate her 11/10. I love looping AoE and there is nothing like a pre-charged 3 range cav then just goes on turn one.

Gee, I wonder why that is…

I fear the day when Chrobin is no longer meta. It’s hard to imagine how much worse they can go…

Very fun and powerful unit, I use mine a lot everywhere (she’s maxed). I’m not playing competitively in any mode anymore so I can’t tell you how well she works in the top tiers, I’m fine with getting 5-10k place in modes like AR and SD. From my experience in these ranges she kills almost everything except blue far save tanks, she has no problem killing stuff in T21 arena for example. I also expect a low merged Lilina without optimal skills will perform considerably worse. With L&D4 she reaches 79 base attack, 81 with SS.