How good is my roster for a f2p?

Have been playing for 329 login days, but I mostly played on my own and just recently started participating in the forum. I wanted to know where my luck stands as it is right now to know how to adjust my expectations for future SSRs and events. Thanks!

From Here:

A+ luck.


HOW ARE YOU F2P?!??!?!


Omg I can’t believe it’s that high rn, that means it’s only downhill from here lol, and thanks btw :smile:

Dunno, I mostly throw single pulls, and I usually don’t save for anyone, so i’m constantly throwing the few quartz I have, so maybe it’s that. And the few servant I saved for refused my calls so I think I’ll keep doing singles

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So the secret is to 1x roll a bunch? I see…


why does Cu have a gold border in the original post? Does that just mean grails have been used on him?

When you Grail a 3* or lower servant to 80 it gains the gold border

gotcha thanks!

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except Angra. his border always stays black

ps I’m now gonna blame you for any bad luck streaks, after seeing this nonsense

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9 SSRs as a F2P, with multiple above NP1… I spend a bit of money (definitely not a whale, but also not completely F2P) and have been playing since around the time of the first Nero Fest (612 login days, only missed two days since I’ve started) and I have 6, with one above NP1 (and that’s just NP2). So yeah, I would say you have EX luck.

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actually looking again and seeing your servant totals, I can only assume while your SSR luck is EX, your SR luck is far lower

NP2 Gil, NP2 Merlin…

dem luck dude, i got 2 ssr’s and 3 sr’s under 60 days as f2p…
I just hope that my list can be like this in the future. :crossed_fingers: :joy::crossed_fingers:

I probably shouldn’t say this out loud but it makes me laugh every time and my subconscious just can’t help itself, so I’ll share.

Whenever I see these kinds of posts my head just automatically changes all wording to the alternating capital/lower case letters and Spongebob meme flashes in the back.


Same here. I can only pray and hope my list looks like his after 300 days

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holy crap


I think I have slightly better luck and slightly more depression in 350 days lol.




I actually sorted by np level so there where many 4* that didn’t appear, that’s what the whole roster looks like. Still in comparison I have better luck with 5* than 4*

oh, I actually did notice that and tbh was mainly just basing it on my servant totals being at least a bit over 30 more. which even counting my having a bit more SSRs (15 different ones total) and excluding welfares, is still kinda a large gap. which that second Fergus and Fou don’t exactly help to close lol

though you do cover more classes than me, if only by virtue of actually having a Ruler

also, nice choice on that max grailed Enkidu