How good is NP1 Space Ishtar really?

A new year, a new bought of Top X Servants videos on youtube to pass the time and plan for SQ. In most/all of the videos, Space Ishtar is mentioned due to her gimmick for tailoring NP card types and currently unparalleled versatility. Great – but if she’s going to be like Dantes and require NP2 or 3 to actually have a shot at DSS wave clearing, then there’s no point in me trying/failing to roll her.

So I’d like to ask how reliable she is in practice as a farmer/wave clearer at only NP1 because I do not have unlimited budget works and Kama & Arjuna Alter banners are already at the top of my list with ~300 SQ dedicated for each, plus whatever tickets/SQ we accumulate this year. Current EX supports are Skadi, Merlin, & Tamamo; no Waver :fgo_badciv:

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NP1 is a lot more viable with Artoria Caster than with Skadi, in terms of looping. If you get Artoria, then NP1 looping is certainly possible, though I think it comes down to choice of CE.

She seems to work better at NP2. The thing is… she seems like the most future proof looper so probably going for NP2 is worthwhile. I plan to go for NP2 myself.

In any case, she will get another banner with the Saber Wars II rerun (happening right now in JP), so you can go for NP1 this year and eventually try again for NP2 if you aren’t satisfied with her performance.


I think most would encourage at least NP2 for consistency and neutral damage compensation, especially if you’re planning to get in cozy with 6 slot Castoria looping in the lottos. Even outside of DCS, she still has one of the strongest kits from the new servants this year and can definitely work even with NP1. Just that her effectiveness would depend on the rest of your available supports and CEs.

I had her at NP1 for over a year ungrailed and with Arturia Caster, she was looping just fine.
You are a bit more limited in your choice of CEs, but I never had any problem, tbh.

Personally, I’ll go for NP5 on NA, simply because Waifu-reasons. NP1 is good enough, imo.

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How do you feel about her NP1 compared to Summer Kiara NP1? Is she better? Luvia in a farming node is such a killjoy since I have no farmer for her.

Wait CasAltria exists??

Please elaborate

She’ll be released in the anniv of next year in NA.

??? I didn’t see that?

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Oh wow, she’s already more than a year old in JP by now? Haha

Ooh yay!!! I love Altria so I’ll go in for her Caster variant


And she’s EX tier in gameplay too, will change the meta to Arts, just like Skadi changed it to Quick.

Definitely something to prepare for!

I’m excited now

I got OG Altria the other day so I want Caseiba


I feel like Space Ishtar is slightly better. Mostly because of her Avenger passive, that gives her 3-4 % NP at the end of each turn. Those really can make or break the loop.

If you’re doing fine with Kiara, then Ishtar won’t be much different, imo.

I’m doing okay I guess. I used Kiara and Lolinardo to sweep through Olympus and I’m just miffed from time to time that some 70k mob survived their sweep. I rushed the chapter just to scrape out all the SQ in my accounts and still not get Spishtar. I’m pretty sure I’m up to 360 SQ and 15 tickets spent on her banner right now and I only have NP5 Jane. What’s Spishtar’s average wave 1 and 2 damage with, say, MLB HND?

With Holy Night Supper (I guess that’s what you meant), she does around 60k damage per enemy on the first wave.

On the last wave and with Arctic MC, she does around 145k per enemy if the arts buff on her 3rd skill procs. Without it, it’s around 130k.

Personally, I like to run Heavenly Demon Princess on her (the free Suzuka CE from Summer 4), as it gives 15 % NP damage and 20 % Arts.
With that CE+Arctic, she does ~80k on W1 and ~145 to ~160 on W3, depending on her 3rd Skill.

Really? I thought Tenki Hime has split stats? I guess I just don’t have the resources to level and test run both CEs.

Nope, full ATK:

Definitely one of the best Arts CEs in the game, especially because it’s free.


Now you’re giving me hope my Kiara can 80k on wave 1.

In terms of looping and farming, who is better to NP2? Sphishtar or Zerkmusashi? Are they pretty much interchangeable?