How good is Ridertoki at NP2?

Most of the analysis of Ridertoki focuses on the strength of his NP and how he can unleash it quickly. Great… but… I was new when the Onigashima rerun went through and I didn’t get all copies of him. I have all four lighters, so I can ascend him fully, but he’ll be stuck at NP2 permanently.

Would anyone know if he is still a pretty good Quick critter with a decent NP? I have a couple of hundred 4* EXP cards sitting around and I’m poking at who to raise.

Very good. If he were a normal gacha Servant rather than a welfare, we’d still call him one of the best single-target Riders in the game.

The most notable difference in the NP is from the NP1 to NP2. More NP levels are welcome, but not indispensable. He will work very well in the NP2.

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Ad long as more than np1 its good. His overcharge is so good you can use devilish bodhistiva and do tons of damage

About NP dmg, it must be lower than Ushiwakamaru (especially Ushi skill cost is cheaper for we upgrade). However NP gain and face card power are too good.

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NP5 Ushi does only about 18% more damage than NP2 Ridertoki, assuming just self buffs for each. Ridertoki’s battery will make him a superior and more flexible overall pick even if just for NP nuking.

Edit: fixed for Ushi’s passive Riding skill

Looks like I have another 4* Rider, then. Thanks everyone.

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He still been a good servant but his NP damage Isn’t as great as could be, i don’t know if he outdamage Ushi un the job of ST Rider in damage but he still a good servant

NP3 is generally accepted as teh sweet spot for sr+ and any higher is marginal but in Kintoki’s case - it’s not just his np damage, it’s his entire skill design and internal mechanics that make him excellent. Great np gain +50% battery, generates a fair bit of stars which he consistently picks up, a conditional debuff clear and a not insignificant heal which helps offset the damage taken by one of the best ce’s to put on him Black grail. MLB Origin Bullet is one I like to use too v casters or MLB art of Death depending on situation.

If you dont have an SSR ST rider, You can give kintoki 2 grails and some golden fous which I did. He is still worth it to 10/10/10 even at NP2. He just goes down from broken to great dps.

I still use him even now at high hp caster/berserker/beast2 bosses with overcharged NP and supersumo.

NP1 to NP2 has the same damage increase as NP2 to NP5.