How good is she?

first time I get a 5* with the free summon

her animations are kinda cool

also got baited by the summer banner, got nothing except this

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She’s basically a set up unit for Cleave

CR push with ATK + Crit DMG Up on S2, AoE DEF Down + CR decrease on S3

Just build her speed + effectiveness and you’re good


Like Mr. Waifu said very good Set Up Unit for Cleave teams
Important is to have a mage with you on that team with tagahels to have souls ready when you do her S3 for the extra turn :catdance:

Reingar’s is pretty nice :catdance:
But mostly on SSB herself :catlie:


Reingar Drink is nice, really good will any ranger able to aoe the board constantly like Yuna & SSB, really wish it didn’t have “hit all enemies” effect requirement so other rangers could use it though…