How good is Z7 14* Ex Nappa?

Okay, so they Zenkaid Nappa. I am a Saiyan user and I think that Saiyans definitely needed a new Red unit. I run this formation -

  1. Z7 14* Kid Goku (yel)
  2. 11* Ssj4 Goku (pur)
  3. 3* LF Majin Vegeta (Blu)
  4. 7* Ssj RoC Goku (grn)
  5. 7* Bardock (red)
  6. 6* LF Angry Goku (Blu) as bench

Should I replace Bardock with Nappa since Bardock is really fragile and takes time to shine (which is not possible because of VB and MV) meanwhile Nappa seems great both offensively adn defensively to me (just watched Goresh’s showcase). Should I hurry up and Zenkai him and use him in core or just do daily battles and ignore him.
Would appreciate hearing your thoughts ID Monkapotamus.

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Well, no one answered my question, so I’ll do it myself (if someone else is curious about Nappa). Z7 Nappa is worth it. He is a monster offensively and is a great tank too. He can stack alot of damage buffs and can extend combos. He is much better than a 7* Bardock on Saiyan team (speaking from experience). His Z ability is not really good, but Z7 Kid Goku’s isn’t good for Saiyan tag either.