Now if it wasn’t already obvious by the title, this is an Arknights Style Parody of False Swipe Gaming’s History of Competitive Pokemon Videos… but in text format. Additionally I will preface by saying that this is NOT a guide. This is simply to highlight Jaye’s good - or bad - qualities, so that people may come to their own decisions on whether or how to use him.

So Jaye, how can you not love this guy? He first appeared in the Code of Brawl Sidestory under the name “Fillet”. where he, Waai Fu and Hung worked together to beat the shit out of the Rat King’s lackeys.

Despite his hobo-like appearance, Jaye is a mild-mannered cook that enjoys the simple things, like reading books and selling seafood. Thanks to his skills with a knife and a recommendation from Hoshiguma, Jaye was able to join Rhodes Island as a 4* Peddler Specialist. Providing info on Lungmen’s Slums while also being able to kick ass on the side, with that we ask "How GOOD was Jaye ACTUALLY?"

Immediately Jaye shows some incredible qualities, starting off with his absolutely amazing stats. Having 2275 HP and 664 Attack at E2 LV40 with Trust Bonus, alongside two great low SP Cost Skills which are also permanent and an additional damage multiplier against Infected Creatures from his Talent.

His 1st Skill - Shell Splitter - provides a sizeable +70% buff to his atk, allowing Jaye to cut down enemies into manageable chunks, dealing 1.1K to 1.6K if he’s attacking an infected creature. And as a bonus he also silences enemies, meaning those not immune to it will not be able to utilize their special abilities against him.

His 2nd Skill - Sashimi Platter - turns Jaye into a near unkillable tank. While the atk buff is slightly lower (+60% instead of +70%) it’s still a sizeable boost, and 10% is a small price to pay for being able to heal himself or a nearby ally with each hit. Letting Jaye do feats such as 1v1ing hard hitting enemies like Tiacauh Annihilators, Winterwisp Blood Shamans and even Sarkaz Grudgebearers.

Top that off with the Fast Redeploy trait that allows the namesake Archetype to function so well, and Jaye looks like he’s the most broken thing ever right? Well…

While Jaye does have several excellent traits, he also comes with several weaknesses. The first and most of obvious of these is his constant depletion of deployment points (3 DP / 3 seconds), effectively preventing you from generating DP naturally while he’s on the field. The second is that Jaye also does not refund DP when you retreat him, meaning that frequent repeated redeployments can be quite costly, and you may find yourself running out if you utilize him like you would a typical Fast Redeploy.

While the former is mitigated somewhat by his new module, the latter can be hindering depending on how you plan to use him, such as if he needs to cover multiple spots on a map. Of course these weaknesses can be played around, but one using Jaye must keep these in mind. Much like preparing a meal, a player who uses Jaye must be equally adept at picking the pieces they decide to use him to slice apart, providing a strong and rewarding Operator for those with a bit of finesse

Despite these weaknesses however Jaye is still an incredibly strong Operator, being able to so easily shutdown an otherwise problematic enemy - especially on demand and unsupported - is what gives the Fast Redeploy Archetype its niche, and Jaye takes that further with his survivability and permanently boosted hits. While his role cannot exactly be called unique, his effectiveness in fulfilling it make him a powerful addition to nearly any team composition even in high-end content.

With all of that all said, we ask once again “How GOOD was Jaye ACTUALLY?”. Well to sum it up, really frickin’ good. While his 1st Skill does fall more on the niche side due to newer enemies not being affected by silencing mechanics, his incredible stats and traits make him more than worth the low investment cost of upgrading him. Anyone who uses Jaye will be scarcely disappointed by his performance, and he remains a powerful example of how even the lower rarities have their heavy hitters.

And because I’d actually like to do more of these, I’d appreciate any feedback you could give on improving it. Should I make these longer? Shorter? I thought things were getting a bit too lengthy here so I wanna know if I should say more. Suggestions on who to write about next are welcome too, I’ve got a couple in mind right now that you can vote on

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I’ve been wondering what makes him so good for certain low rarity strats, now I see. Not a bad S2 at all

Neat review. I remember him in Code of Brawl, I still need to finish that


Waiting for gnosis before I e1 jaye.
Can’t afford to lose the productivity.

Or at least, I think I can’t.

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