How good would Alter Egos be if they took double damage from knight classes instead of dealing half do them?

One problem with many Alter Egos is that they suffer greatly in any CQs or farming nodes featuring knight class enemies, which makes them not very useful in a lot of content. How good do you think they would be, if, instead of taking neutral damage from both knights and cavalry and doing 1.5x damage to cavalry and 0.5x to knights, they did 1.5x to cavalry and 1x to knights, took neutral damage from cavalry, and took 2x damage from knights?

While the neutral damage output vs knights wouldn’t be bad by any means, that’s not really the main complaint that most commonly comes up in regards to on but rather that their advantage vs cavalry is 1.5x instead of 2x.

While it is somewhat negligible, as it’s the same multiplier Berserkers have except against only half the classes in exchange for full defensive neutrality (minus Pretender), it is the main complaint on them that keeps coming back.

If anything, making them weak to Knights by 2x would make them worse.


Alter Egos are already excellent servants with semi-support functionality built into their kits. Any Knight they can’t kill can likely be finished off by someone else on the front line.

  • Okitan: Buster Resist down and great stargen
  • Melt: NP down, Buff removal, stargen
  • Sitonai: Crit down, Defense down, Ally damage cut, and NP Drain on Dragon enemies and servants (Seigfried, Sigurd, and 9/10 Artoria-faces, All Bathorys), NP Spamming, Crit star per turn
  • Mecha-Ellie: Defense down, stargen each turn
  • Passionlip: Teamwide heal, target focus
  • Kiara: All of the abilities in the game, apparently
  • KingProtea: One of the few that doesn’t actually offer much in team support
  • Douman: AOE Skill seal, AOE curse, AOE Stun, AOE Atk down, AOE Def down, Stackable 3T Crit boost for certain alignment, Stackable 3T Atk boost for certain alignment

…yeah. you ain’t wrong there.


They would be really shit zerks besides foreigners.


I would welcome that, not because it makes our AE better, but makes enemy AE bosses easier to deal with

Sounds like a berserker but worse…why would you do that? :feh_confused:

I find my Okitan to be awesome, mind you. Specially when I go for a NP after another NP. The Buster weakness is so nice~


It’s hard to assess AEs as a class because they all go in horrifically different directions based in their in-kit tools. Not being resisted at all ever would be fantastic for, as an example, Melt, who normally likes to kill things dead before they have a chance to move and has a couple of evades in the bank to lean on. By comparison, Kiara would lose out on a lot of her stall utility and sustain power.

Ultimately though, I don’t think it would really move the needle. As it stands, there’s little enough cause to use AEs on a node containing a Knight, especially since they’re not, on average, particularly powerful farmers. Whatever their anti-Knight demerit is it’s about as bad either way, unless we were somehow able to choose on a unit-by-unit basis to select what was best for the purposes we were employing any given AE for.


AE knight offensive disadvantage is already whatever for me.

At worst it can throw a wrench into traditional 1-DPS farming where there happens to be at least one beefy knight enemy, but in ST it’s exactly the same situation as with any other class: if the big target takes less damage from that Servant, choose someone else unless you’re doing it on purpose.


There are, imo, two cases where having knight classes defensive weaknesses, rather than ineffective attack, would be actively detrimental; Passionlip, with her taunt wall setup, and Kingprotea, with her gimmick, post buff, of huge scaling to +40k hp and 80% NP resist.