How hard are the Rocket Leaders?

For me they aren’t that hard but expect to have a wide array of PVP Pokemon with second moves. Also some combinations took me 1 scouting run to figure out how to deal with them.

They hit really hard tho, so I run Giratina (Altered, not Origin) on Scyther and Machamp in Meowth and Sneasel to bait shields.


I haven’t faced against it yet, but I keep hearing people say that Sierra’s Lapras is a beast to fight against.

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Challenging, certainly. Imagine the most difficult Grunt battles (Snorlax etc.) and go about 30% above that.

I did my first battle about half an hour ago, with Sierra as the boss, using Sneasel, Lapras, and Alakazam. Beat it on my second attempt using two Tyranitars (one Smack Down, one Bite) and a Dialga, all maxed out. The Smack Down Ttar took out the Sneasel, the Dialga defeated the Lapras, and the final Bite Ttar finished off the Alakazam.


My experience with Sierra is that I brought Darkrai, Machamp and Metagross only to see Houndoom killing Darkrai with Fire fang and Metagross standing, so I replaced the Metagross with Swampert.

She used Sneasel, Hypno and Houndoom; My tactic is to farm energy with the Machamp on Sneasel, use 2 rock slides on Hypno to bait all of her shields and kill the Hypno with Darkrai. I didn’t use Swampert however, as I farmed some energy on the Hypno, finished it off with Dark Pulse and the Houndoom was unable to kill it with Fire Fang. I killed it instantly in one Focus Blast.

In your situation I would had been just ran Machamp Raikou Darkrai. Machamp farming energy on Sneasel and baiting both shields on Lapras, Raikou finishing it off and if possible, fire Shadow Ball on Alakazam. If I cannot I kill it instantly with Darkrai.


I haven’t fought against one yet, but how “smart” is the AI with shields? Is it just like gym leader battles where the A.I will just use shields whenever you use a charge attack? Or is it smart enough to detect that it is a non-effective move and not use shields?

Also do the Rocket Bosses use Pokemon with H4X0R-level CP?

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Same as our team leaders; they’ll always use shields in response to your first two charge attacks, regardless of what they are.

Yep, they do. Like grunts, the leaders use Pokemon with ridiculously inflated attack stats, though the ones used by leaders are even more powerful than the ones ones grunts use.
For instance, a Grunt’s Shadow Tyranitar is in the 13k CP range. Cliff’s Shadow Tyranitar is in the 19k CP range.


Challenging but not too extreme. I got to fight Sierra with Sneasel, Hypno and Gardevoir. took her down with a rather odd choices because I did not scout beforehand.
Giratina Altered

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I fought against Sierra today. Took me 3 attempts (lame).
Here is Sierra’s line up

  1. Sneasel (Feint Attack/Ice Punch)
  2. Lapras (Frost Breathe/Hydro Pump)
  3. Houndoom (Snarl/ *unknown)

I used the following in my winning attempt.

  1. Lucario (L34, Counter/PUP/Shadow Ball)
  2. Machamp (L32, Counter/Cross Chop)
  3. Machamp (L35, Counter/DP)

The second Machamp was not used as Sierra was defeated by my Cross Chop Machamp. Lucario is good at baiting shields while Cross Chop Machamp can quickly defeat Lapras. Used a shield to block Lapras’ Hydro. Don’t count on resistance as opponent’s attack is insanely high. In my second attempt, I tried to save a shield when my L34 Magnezone ( almost full health) facesd against Sneasel’s Ice Punch, which ended my Zone almost OHKOed.

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They are pretty hard. Took me 4 tries to beat Arlo with Double Bug Scyther, AS/Sludge Bomb Crobat and Double Bug Scizor. Golems, SmackTtars were easy killed by Scyther, the hardest enemy. When i bring my maxed perfect Aggron, i won easily.
Aggron deserve to love!

On my alt needed 2 tries tob eat Sierra IS/FP Sneasel, double Ghost Sableye and Confusion Gardevoir.
Its easy job for Metagross, but havent any on my alt :frowning:

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I think that’s going to depend more on the trainer in question than the Leader Battles themselves; I ran into Cliff this morning, when my phone was at 7% charge, and had just gotten the 6 components. I went in with my usual “Don’t know what I’m facing.” team of Mewtwo (Shadow Ball/Ice Beam, and Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt - remember that 2hr or so glitch a few months back where you could get a 2nd charge move on Legendary’s for 25 candies and 100k stardust? Yep, this guy does!) and Metagross, all level 40. Cliff had Meowth, Flygon and Infernape, and I managed to beat him fairly easily; lost 2 Mons, but the third one came out and the auto-quick attack knocked the Infernape out immediately. (didn’t even need to use a potion on my last Mon)

I had a hell of a lot tougher time later on against a Grunt who had Lapras/Snorlax/Snorlax and I used the same team as above and won by getting really lucky that the last Snorlax had a pause at the wrong time, so I got the last QA in and won. (Got myself a purified 98% A/D/S 15/15/14 out of it, which was nice.)

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Rock hard

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I’m already at a disadvantage from just battling the grunts the past month. Most of my high level counters are dead so golem and rhyperior have served me well with scyther and weavil any fighting type will due but I don’t think every encounter is the same difficulty. Not for me at least I’ve have to walk away from arlo once

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I took on Arlo today my 1st rocket leader boss from what I have seen from what cliff and sierra Arlo seems to be the easiest of the three but by no means is he’s a pushover he started with a scythe my word that thing is quick and powerful then he used magnezone to be honest it was an easier fight than scyther and the last pokemon he used was scizor trust me when I say this if you don’t take this out quick it will literally destroy what you have I used a blaze kick blaziken and 2 Rhyperior one with earthquake and the other smackdown stone edge combo its an absolute must to bait out their shields as quick as possible to make things somewhat easier so quick 2 bar pokemon should be used at least 1st but I will say I thought the reward for beating Arlo wasn’t really worth it I got a max revive a max potion and 1k stardust and a shadow scyther non shiny I’m really concerned of how hard its going to be to defeat Giovanni like these three are tough as it is Giovanni is going to be using legendarys max level pokemon is going to be a must I’d say unless he shows up in a form of a raid

I fought Arlo today and got smoked. I’m level 40 and have some good Mon’s but I had to go power a bunch up tonight to be better prepared for next time.


I hope whatever happens in the future it stays a solo feature :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


This is what I did against Arlo.

The first one is the same no matter what since I can’t energy farm the scyther. This is actually the wrong setup; I should probably bring Flygon instead of Heatran for Magnezone if it comes up: Charizard and Magnezone actually kill each other.

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My first Cliff fight was a bit horrifying. I had no idea what he brought so I went with Machamp, Smacktar and Dragonite. Machamp easily smoked Meowth with Counter spam, then baited both shields with Dynamic Punch against Snorlax. Snorlax had Lick and Heavy Slam and that’s probably what made the fight so intense since Smacktar could not last very long. Eventually Snorlax fainted first, but the last one Infernape immediately destroyed it, leaving Dragonite. I managed to win with my Dragonite at critical health. Guess after reading above posts I was lucky to win first try.

Actually, bait shields with Rock Slide, not Dynamic Punch. If you haven’t unlocked it, do it.

As for the Dragonite, I wouldn’t even go near it with a non-legacy one. For me if I see it and didn’t get it on first try I run a Mamoswine, if it has steel wing I go Dialga or Metagross.


It seems like the trick for easy Team leader fights is to have:

  1. Dedicated Master League PvP team with both Charge moves unlocked

  2. High EPT(Energy Per Turn) Fast Moves and low cost, multi-bar Charge Moves

The idea for me is to rush down the leaders as quickly as possible by limiting their opportunity to hit back.

I fought Arlo and Cliff today, and I took 3 tries for Arlo, 1 for Cliff.
Arlo used Scyther (Fury Cutter/Night Slash), Crobat(Air Slash/ ???) and Scizor (Bullet Punch/ Iron Head). Since I don’t have dedicated PvP Mons, I got wrecked by shields because my charge moves took too long to charge up. Combined that with Fury Cutter’s insanely fast animations and ridiculous CP of the enemy, I got mowed down pretty fast despite using hard-counters to tank.

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So did I. Had to withdraw from Arlo with his insanely fast Scyther, followed by Crobat & Scizor. I then maxed out a Giratina with Dragon breathe + Ancient power to bait its shields. Finally won this evening with Giratina+SD Tyranitar+Blast burn Blaziken.

Sierra & Cliff were otherwise easier for me to win.

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