How hard are the Rocket Leaders?

I didn’t know you had to start over each time, ouch, I hoped if you walked and stayed at the pokestop until you won you could keep the radar…obviously nope. Just did Arlo again Scyther, Magnezone, Charizard. Maxed Dialga and used iron head to waste its shields, maxed Gira-O w/ shadowball to beat the rest of the scyther, switched to Groudon maxed to beat magnezone, took that into the Charizard fight until it fainted and Giratina-O had some energy built up to finish with some shadowballs. Took 3 attempts, initially I was messing up on the scyther

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Yeah that scyther is a real pain but I feel once you have that defeated the rest is fairly handy enough sorry but magnezone is the easiest to beat out of arlo’s pokemon

Magnezone is double weak to ground and has only electric fast moves. It is indeed by far the easiest to counter. If one lacks groudon, rhyperior and so on, then just use a flygon from the recent CD. It has a triple resistance to electric and it’s super easy to beat every electric shadows pokemon with it.

I had a lucky 15/13/15 Gira-Altered waiting for something to use it for, it already had Ancient Power. Now have it level 33, but I’m always short on stardust, so it’ll take a while to max. Helps a lot with that Arlo Scyther, this latest time I won first time no sweat

Only fought Sierra so far. Sneasel/Sableye/Zam. Fighting Blaziken took care of the Sneasel and some of the Sableye, burned a shield, my Dialga was next, burned the next shield with Iron Head, finished Sableye off with Dragon Breath. Alakazam was greeted with Draco Meteor, game over. Had my maxed :100: Articuno in the wings, because…


I’ve only faced Sierra so far. I took her out in one attempt. She used Sneasel, Hypno, and Houndoom. My Machamp took out Sneasel with only fast moves and I used up both of Hypno’s shields with Dynamic Punches then Machanp went down. I used Giratina Origin for Hypno and took it out. Houndoom took down Giratina and Togekiss finished off Houndoom.

Agree. I would’ve unlocked Rock Slide had I not accidentally purchased it in my pocket XD lucky break!
Could’ve ended up wasting 100,000 Stardust on Zapdos or something!

Holy damn, Arlos is definitely the toughest!

I was left with my jaw wide open when his Scizor used Iron Head to knock out my Perfect maxed Dialga that still had about 75% health left! Like, daaamn! o.0

It removes around 50% of Heatran’s HP.

Also, I did that on Zapdos as well for Drill Peck.

Ouch! First go this morning. Did I say Ouch!?
Didn’t get past Scyther!
9 revives and potions gone and a big hunt for more suitable mons needed!
Gonna be a good challenge this!
Funny how a non effective charge move can wipe you out but, not the other way around?

Also as I lost will my radar still be active until I win?

Faced Arlo packing Scyther, Magnzone, Charizard. After a few tries, found the winning combo:

Rhyperior, Groudon, Smacktar.

Rhyperior has Smack Down, Surf, and Stone edge. Use 2 surfs to take out shields. After that it isn’t so bad. I also like leading with Rhyperior because his Stone edge against the other two second pokemon Arlo uses, hits Gyarados and Crobat hard. But you gotta get him out against Gary, he goes down super fast to waterfall. I’d consider a maxed out Excadrill as well, will shred Magnezone. Another thought is Nidoqueen, with Earth Power and Stone Edge - could cover a lot of the weaknesses of Arlo’s second pokemon (just thinking about this, haven’t made any hard decisions yet).

One of Arlo’s key weaknesses is that everything he uses except Crobat has a double weakness. Exploit those for the win. Charizard - Rock. Dragonite - Ice. Scizor - Fire. Gyarados - Electric. Magnezone - Ground. Scyther - Rock. Crobat has four single weaknesses, Electric, Ice, Psychic, and Rock.

Also fought Sierra once. Won pretty easily despite pitting second Machamp against Sableye. Expect Cliff to be easy too, with smart counters. Maybe an old PvP fighter with PuP would be good to lead off against Sneasle and Meowth, want those fast attacks to burn through shields. Something like Poliwrath with Rock Smash, PuP, and a third attack could be good - PuP to burn shields and power up Poliwrath should work great, and while Rock Throw isn’t great, it does Fighting damage. For the second charged move, Hydro Pump would destroy Sandslash, Dynamic Punch would hurt Snorlax, and Ice Punch would cripple Flygon, so Cliff’s team is in trouble if you guess right. Dynamic Punch against Lapras, nothing great against Hypno or Sableye, so Sierra isn’t as vulnerable to that. Maybe Medicham would hurt her more.

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My question is, won’t that Probopass too weak to be viable against 9.5k CP Scyther anyway? Or will the Rocket Leader’s CP adjust depending on which League you challenge them in?

Also, for Arlo’s Fury Cutter Scyther I used Magnezone (Spark/ Wild Charge) against it. It worked out rather well. Steel-type resisted the Fury Cutters, and Wild Charge for shield pressure/kill.

It can bait shields and it’s also quite Tanky; Magnet bomb baits better than Heavy Slam.

Has anyone seen Giovanni’s line up so far it’s not very impressive Persian, Dugtrio and articuno the Persian I expected but the other 2 not so much

If you abuse stunlocking, its not that hard to use probo.

have any of your pokemon that arent probo in slot one, then right as the fight starts, switch to probo. They wont attack for a bit, build up a charge move, use it they wont be able to attack for a bit after you use a charge move.

I’ve only every found them hard because I cant heal my pokemon since I dont get potions from gyms and stops, so ive been using everything at ~50%, with high level pokemon like dialga and tyranitar, they aren’t the hardest thing to beat

I’ve started opening gifts again they have been giving me a decent amount of potions.

You keep your radar until you win, you can even try a different rocket leader and keep your radar.

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Would a high level hariyama be of any use against any of the rocket leaders I have machamp but they are trash lol

Yeah, it’s good against Sierra and cliffs leads, and most of cliffs team in my experience to be honest, Tyranitar and snorlax don’t like fighting.

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I will say that its more or less the same, it depends on the enemy move type, for example they will be great against Sneasel and Meowth dark moves but will suffer against normal or ice fast moves. That’s why people are praising Lucario so much(that and that it can burn the shields really fast), it can resist a variety of moves because of its steel type.