How Hard is Go Battle ultra league

Anyone else finding this league really tough to crack I wasn’t doing too bad in the great league but ultra just a whole different kettle of fish any pointers wouid be appreciated and yes I’ve been using the meta relevant mons with zero luck lol

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Ive been having great success with this team


Easy so far. I’m level 29 trainer, started playing December 2019. Won 7/10 yesterday and 8/10 today. Battle League level 7 (can’t get higher, the bar doesn’t move much no matter how much I win).

Since 80 % of the Pokemon are Giratina, Mewtu, Latios/Latias types and they all have the same weaknesses, it’s really easy to build a strong non META team. You need Dragon, Dark and Ghost attacks and a fight Pokemon for Snorlax, Registeel types, then you are good to go.

Once you also get a feeling how much damage your Pokemon can take and when to shield and when to switch, it’s rather easy.

Today I encountered Giratina+Armored Mewtu and won with basically 2 starter Pokemon in the team. lol

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Yeah one problem with that line up I have no giratina my latios is above the 2500 cp cap the only legendary I have worth mentioning thats under the max cp is mew and entei I think mew is usable

I have been using poliwraith, venasaur, Granbull sometimes switching poliwraith for weavile seriously need to change things lol

You basically have 3 core:
The giratinas beats registeel (usually). Registeel beats fairy, fairy beats giratina. These 3 groups basically beats big part of the meta, but can share weaknesses to: snorlax, fire starters, and ice type pokemon (lapras and alolan sandslash basically).
Fire is a good insurance against registeel and charmers, ice to charmers and tinas, and snorlax depending on the set threaten almost anything (mostly tinas).
Then you have meta breakers:
Swampert: is super spammy, not so good against tinas but amazing against anything else.
Venusaur: for the good amount of swampert and charmers, super spammy too
Alolan muk: is a nice glue mon who beats tinas and the plethora of psychic type, that are not so common as they would be, I believe because of the omniprescense of the renegades…
Psychic type mons: not common, they are in an odd position. They get destroyed hard by tinas and registeel.
Gyarados: common because it’s cheap I believe, it’s proven great in the meta because of it’s typing and moves.

I personally see poliwrath underhelming, but can be “meta” sometimes.

And this is the Ultra League meta in a nutshell. Hope you find it usefull


Ultra League meta:

  1. Giratina
  2. Registeel
  3. Their counters
  4. Counters to their counters

Ideally, I would lead with a counter to both Giratinas and Registeel, but does that even exist? If so, then I would identify a bodyguard for my lead.


Ok maybe it’s just me, but I personally haven’t faced all that many registeels or steel types in general. Compared to say back during great league. I’m at a fairly high rank as well. (Rank 9 is considered high right?) How odd.


Same here. I play 10 matches a day and haven’t faced a single Regi.


I’m still rank 6, and “meta” doesn’t really exist here. I started ultra league with a team ready to face the meta and I got completely shredded by random pokémon I was not armed to face. A lot of starters, other fire/water pokémon, several Mewtwo (seriously, what the hell???) and so far only one Giratina, no Registeel. Oh, and I got dismantled by a Lucario, I didn’t expect shadow ball, ok there are still some good players around here, I guess I deserved that loss.

I have been disappointed by the performance of Typhlosion. Doesn’t hit that strong with shadow claw, blast burn takes a while to charge despite what I thought (or was is lagging?), and don’t even get me started about solar beam. My resources are limited so for now, I play with whatever I have which is reasonably good and near 2500 CP. Not very meta, except Giratina-A. I got surprised by a… Stoutland… who walled my Giratina and Typhlosion while my other pokémon was already out… Stoutland does not deserve its 0/5 rating. It’s not very good, but considering its typing and attacks, it has some interest in the meta and deserves at least a 1/5.

I have been improving my team a bit to face… random foes. Hariyama was a good surprise, very good TDO, even in neutral scenario. Even with dynamic punch. Superpower may bring even more power. It actually did a good job at destroying… Mewtwo. If you needed a proof that Mewtwo was bad in ultra… Granted, I had one shield left and they didn’t :slight_smile: I’m getting good at saving shields for the end of the fight and that has gotten me many wins.


Naked Mewtwo or Armoured Mewtwo?

Naked. One had psystrike, I don’t remember for the other.

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Mewtwo is bad in this league. Even with psystrike. I found this issue where past rank 7 the bar doesn’t move at all.

Well I definitely consider myself in that same boat I haven’t seen one player with registeel since the great was up and running I’ve seen lots of giratina tho accompanied by meta breakers that’s been mentioned few posts up very hard to prepare for them situations

I won’t lie Ive seen alot of swampert being thrown out but every time I change to deal with that I either get beaten by it despite using frenzy plant venasaur or they have a typhlosion instead I just can’t win lol the random match ups are really against me I feel whatever I pick for my lineup it automatically puts me up against someone I’m not going to fair well with lol

Gyarados. It needs 2 shields to take down giratina-o in the lead position, the other 2 are a piece of cake

I understand that Gyarados can completely wall Registeel, but wouldn’t it be vulnerable against Gira-A’s Ancient Power?

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I do not have registeel or giratina and I am still pretty solid. Venusaur Swampert Snorlax Alolan Muk Togekiss are all solid choices and can handle giratina teams. Registeel has been my biggest issue when I do not bring an earthquake user.

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This is why I don’t get why gyarados has been given flying typing it don’t have one single flying type move plus it don’t fly lol kingdra is basically the same and it’s typing is water/dragon

Yeah, even in MSG it only learns Hurricane and Bounce as Flying type moves if I’m not mistaken. It mostly learns Dark, Dragon and Water moves, and its Flying typing is more like a defensive typing to it.

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I’m at rank 10 and I find it hard. But thats also because I wasted so many charged TMs on Gyarados, Charizard and Lucarios only to get inferior moves (so now I have Gyarados with Crunch/Twister and I refuse to use that. Need HP).

I completely disagree with Giratina being the ultimate meta and stuff though. Keep your pvpoke theories and statistics to yourself (AND ESPECIALLY ANY DUMB SHIT SHINY INSTINCT POSTS), if you don’t have a counter to the god called Swampert it will eat your shields and easily KO fire types, fairy types, steel types, dark types, poison types, fighting types, normal types and your precious so-called gods Giratinas.

I think that in top tier ranks you NEED a Legacy Venusaur. Unfortunately I don’t have one, but how amazing would a fairy/swampert counter in 1 be… Torterra is okay (especially the debuff before dying while usually taking a shield with it is great), but not as good.

In rank 10, the most common pokemon are Swampert, Registeel, Giratina, Togekiss (although I find Clefable the tougher of the 2 common fairies because it’s not weak to the common Ancient Power), and Gyarados. Lucario, Lapras, Blastoise, Melmetal, Steelix, Alolan Muk, Sceptile, Venusaur, Clefable and for some reason the easy to OHKO Zangoose are quite common too.