How have you spent your divine toilet paper

I’ve got 7k left to spend so I plan on getting Ishtar and ovoid staff at least.


I’ve only done the Awakening/Fates and Holy War paths. I have a little over 4k codes right now. I’m gonna wait and see what the new series of codes gives before I spend any more



Sitting on 4868 codes rn, not sure if I’ll bother doing another path with 1000ish pt 2 codes, as none of the remaining paths are… good. Especially in comparison to the paths we’ll get next, most likely.


I took those paths after finding out saving was quite pointless. ^^

Didn’t touched the others but maybe I’ll get the Leanne manual on the PoR/RD path later.


I spent on the shadows first, then genealogy and now im doing path of radiance, thinking of wasting the leftovers but im starting to regret it, due that im still getting good ammount of TP and im about to claim the spd/def solo manual.
the fates one was really tempting.


I haven’t. 9000 rolls and counting.

At least I’ll be able to make the “It’s over 9000!” joke upon getting my next roll.


Finished three paths, gonna see what the new ones are before I spend the rest, not sure if I would want to use divine code 2 for finishing a path I don’t care too much about.


I’m gonna fall about 1k short of teaching disarm trap before the update :catcry:


Heroes - to Bruno

14.7k left and hoping they implement a trade-up feature as there isn’t much of interest this group, but I guess if I have to use them Faithful Axe and DC is where they’ll go.


I grabbed Hector for DC ages ago, but gave 11k sitting around right now. I think I might grab the CC and Disarm Trap ones since we’re apparently coming up on a new set?


I finished the Arkaneia and genealogy path. Then, awakening and Tellius paths I stopped at Xander and Elincia respectively.

I got all the skills I wanted and currently I have + 3500 codes, I don’t know if I should go for harsh command + or getting a flying Nino merge.

Limited ones

The moment I can use the {Divine Codes: Ephemera}, I spend them on the limited 5★ that strikes my fancy the most, either because merge or valuable fodder. Then I go for the other 5★.
If I can spare enough for a 4★, I choose depending of needs, be it a free merge or fodder.

I gave Legendary Julia the [Blue Gift+] and [Atk/Spd Bond 2] skills from Valentine’s Lyn to efficiently fodder a Legendary Marth later on.
Spring Camilla, Halloween Niles, Alm and Summer Innes for OG Idoun so she collects rare skills.

Merges: Spring Kagero, Summer Robin (F), Performing Olivia, Myrrh, Tana, Bridal Ninian.
To be merges (once I get them): WoT!Olwen.

The rest are undecided/TBA so keeping for now.

Permanent ones

I used to spend them if I needed a merge on someone or just because :pkmn_wynaut:.
But now, I’ve changed that and use them according to building needs:

Fodder: Picnic Genny (to Emmeryn), Ylgr (to Summer Robin (F) for efficiently foddering a Byleth (M)), Spring Bruno (to Valentine’s Silque so that she could get something new and for efficiency of inheritance later on).

Merges: Celica, Deirdre, Spring Palla.

The rest’s uses are TBA.


I finished Fates/Awakening and Shadows/Mystery. As for the rest…

Honestly Fates/Awakening is easily the best option due to having more uncommon skills like NFU, CC, and Blue Flame accessible. Shadows/Mystery being a close second due to Fort Def/Res, Disarm Trap, and a Dual Balm+ Special. I almost sprang on Genealogy due to Special Spiral alone but I had -HP Lynja so I made my bed for that. The rarer skills tend to be the more coveted paths.

Like if the Three Houses one includes Male Byleth I bet you that it’ll be the first pick due to having Ruptured Sky. Also because launch Three Houses players can have a merge on their Byleth presents…


I have 1,304 codes, and I’m using them for the Holy War line because I want the Lewyn manual. Sadly, I have to get Sigurd first, and I still won’t have enough before the next banner begins. Luckily, I do have a spare Keaton for Special Spiral.

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I bought out the route for Ishtar to give Swift Sparrow 3 and Air Orders to Camilla. Haven’t touched any of the others.

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When I codes were introduced I wasn’t very smart about spending them so it’s kinda chaotic but here’s mine

I kinda want CC too but I’ll wait to see what the second paths have to offer before spending the rest of what I have


Didn’t touch the others

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Would like to grab Disarm Trap, but don’t need/want anything else from here. Fort Def/Res and NFU would be nice, I guess, but meh


I can’t even finish a path tbh

I’m going to try and grab Lewyn for fodder but he’s my favorite FE 4 boy. I hate foddering him but I love special spiral


I did the Awakening and Fates path except for Corrin and I want to wait for the new paths before I spend any more.