How I expect the Bridal Banner to go (for me)

Tries summoning for Tanith!!!

Gets Pent instead…


I don’t need another damn blue mage! Horses alone I have V!Soren, S!Catria, L’Arachel, and Olwen. And then don’t even get me started with blue mages in general.

Looks at +10 Micaiah, +8 Ishtar, and +4 Tailtiu

And I plan on making Tailtiu my merge project after Haar.

At least I rarely use blue fliers unless they are Naesala or Catria, and Catria often uses an enemy phase build anyway.


How about instead of complaining about getting a unit other people wanted, how about you think about the good sides of getting Pent

Like how good his fodder is or something


Let’s switch phones for the banner, maybe that way I’ll get my Pent and you’ll get Tanith


I expect to summon 3 Pents and 1 Tanith and only spend 30 orbs to do so.


Tell me how that goes once the banner drops.

I actually want Pent! Wanna trade if you get him? I’ve got… A Winter Chrom! Whaddya say?

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I expect a 3-star Healer on my colorless free summon.
That is all, because I’m skipping the banner.

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I predict you will get a 4* dagger unit.

I don’t really want Winter Chrom.


Can that 4* dagger be a Legault or Kagero please? I’d be very appreciative!

I was going to predict Sothe or Legault honestly?

Both are equally welcome, I have none of either. XD

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Would be okay with that. I really need Atk Tactic so a Legault would be really nice.

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Okay… Nephenee? She’s got a good IV!

I have a +atk Neph already, and I’m okay on Wrath fodder currently. 1 Owain and 2 Karlas just chilling doing nothing currently.

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Okay… What do you want then? Not that I have much.

Blue Cavalry mage?:feh_rein: I don’t use The Reinhardt, but when The Reinhardt exists, and is so easily +10’d and is so powerful, I don’t see the need to use orbs on other blue cav mages.

I don’t have any Blue Mages, save M! Robin. I could actually really use Pent.

Because Pent is obviously superior to Reinhardt

Well there goes the +9 Ishtar idea… I guess you’re still stuck at +8 Mrs. Shoulder Pads…

Sword Mia? Lief?

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