How I started to like a servant thread

So this threan is to tell your story of how started that like for a servant, i going to begin:
Nero,in the begining i really don’t like a lot Nero,but that begin to change when i saw Last encore ,and after that i play extella, and then summer 2,thanks to all that i like Nero
(Sorry some times my English is not really good)


I saw someone using Tamamo and kick ball for 99999 damage in extra…

For [Ryougi Shiki] let’s just say I fall for her art… No servants is as elegant as her


I did not know who was Yagyu Munenori before I played FGO.

His grounded design and aesthetics quickly caught my eye though. In a game full of young and good-looking waifus and husbandos in fanciful attires and even more fanciful attack animations (sword beams, spinning, jumping attack et c), here is a plain-looking geezer who could pass for a NPC.

Yet, despite the lack of pretensions he made a lasting impression. The startlingly realistic attack animations and attires, coupled with his understated but impactful Noble Phantasm truly made him stand out from the crowd of servants out there.

I took it upon myself to learn more about the historical figure behind this servant, and came to the conclusion Yagyu Munenori is one of the most interesting and impressive martial artist in history and he is also one of the most painstakingly researched and carefully designed figure to be implemented in the game. I have pinned my research to my profile to introduce him to more people.

I cannot say no to such a cool and well-implemented character. This character is not a case of ‘let’s create a husbando/waifu/villain/hero’, but a case of ‘how do we bring this historical figure back to life again’ and they have done a splendid job.


D’eon was my first SR spook, was tempted to burn because Mash has more utility. Deon got max ascended and skilled to 6 because I didn’t have any SSR until 3 months later from GSSR. Deon protected Herc so he’s bonding is high. Deon is NP2 now.

Oh boy, I have lots of stories depending on the servant I want to talk about but for now I’ll just keep it simple with Sanson.

The reason why I grew to love him so much is because aesthetically he hits all the right buttons. Silver hair, Smooth voice, classy look, French!!! He just hits all the right things I like about a character!


I just read a doujin. :fgo_musashismug:


God I totally remember how hype I am after getting Summer Hokusai on JP server and I am still new on that time.

She is the best servant I ever had despite being a 4 star welfare servant and a Saber class…Her voice catched my heart and her character design…Grailing her and max bonding her is not a regret


Lobo due to his similarity with the best doggo sif


So I have three and unsurprisingly they’re all Knights of the Round. So we’ll start with the one I met first.


I have been a King Arthur nut since I was a little girl and Mordred was among my most hated people because the character killed King Arthur. I got introduced to Fate and I really loved Artoria…then Apocrypha came around and I was told that one of the Sabers was the Knight of Treachery. I…instantly fell in love the moment I heard her voice. Mostly the same as Artoria’s opening line…yet the connotation is so different. Artoria being the polite question and, according to my friend, Mordred’s is more “Sup, b*tch, you my master?” And then I just kept loving the sassy, arrogant knight I eventually nicknamed Cub (since Artoria is the Lion and Mordred is her daughter.) Needless to say, when London came I decided I was rolling for her. I got her on the first ticket I spent and she is my most maxed out servant at lvl 100, bond 10, 10/10/10, 2000/2000 in attack and hp and is also Np4


Shocker this one is on the list lol. I knew a bit about Bedi from the original legend but he wasn’t one of my favorite knights (that actually belonged to Tristan). However, this changed in Camelot. Both of those actually. I hated Tristan when we got to Camelot. It broke my heart to see the knight I loved turned into that heartless creature (plus his fight was a b*tch with me only having AOE sabers and my literal only choice for st were friends’ Okita. I didn’t even have Caesar…). However, I knew Bedivere on sight, despite the fact he calls himself Lucius. In the legends, Bedi only had one arm and I admit I gasped when I saw him because I was like “surely they’re not going to include the lesser knights.” I was counting on Lancelot, Gawain, Mordred and Tristan. I guessed they would add Kay…my surprise that Bedi was the fifth. I fell in love I think as we were fleeing the Holy City and were in the mountains…when he starts trolling and teasing Mash about the eyeball. Then we get farther in and I see him weeping alone before we charge the Holy City. AND THEN THE FREAKING FINALE HAPPENED. The literal only time I’ve thrown my phone across the room. “My King, you will always be my Shining Star.” And I freaking snapped. Needless to say, the moment I finished the singularity, I freaking shrieked when I saw Bedivere was the free servant. He immediately got grailed and he ended up being np5’d in the 2018 Camelot banner before that Chaldea Boys (I was rolling for Gawain but that didn’t happen. Np30 Bedivere instead haha. I do love shocking people with my Bedi though. He does SO much damage that no one expects it. He’s done a consistent 1 mill on Scath this event WITHOUT buffs from Merlin or Waver. Just the CEs.


Ok, ok, so I found a husbando in the game when I first saw Gawain and I though he was likely going to be the only one I’d call that. The freaking game laughed at me and introduced Arthur Prototype. What can I say, I have a thing for blue/green eyed blonds! Arthur I fell in love with at first sight and my love for him grew when I did his trial quest in 2018 and then even more when he started popping up everywhere. It also made me very bitter because he evaded me in 2018 and in the gssrs. I cheated a bit and looked up his valentine and fell once again haha, a man who loves food and also cooks? I’m in! I haven’t been able to listen to the drama cds for Prototype and I so hope they eventually animate it. Arthur is naturally sassy and I freaking love it. Needless to say, I saved and hoarded (and got rid of my chance to get Iskandar and Eresh in thanksgiving and Christmas) to get him. 780 sq and 49 tickets for Chaldea boys…I got him in 200 but as of now no extra copies (or other SSRs surprisingly, ton of SRs though!) I’m going to try to get him again or get Enkidu in their shared banner.


A fellow man of culture. I’ve never related more.

Why the comment section in Azur Lane is undefeated:

Maid Alter

Pulled her from the recent GSSR. Was pretty disappointed because most of what I could read about her, was that she’s meh gameplay-wise. I also wanted Ozy, Quetz or a Berserker a lot more. Once I got enough medals and scales to raise her, she turned out to be one of my favorite servants. She’s fun and a lot better than what players give her credit for. I also love her design and her personality grew on me quickly.



“Deja vu!”

“I’ve seen these lewds before!”


Nightingale spook really took me by suprise because everything about her is something related to me. First My native middle name literal translation to english is “nightingale” then i saw the Last name florance. As a biomedical Engineer Who send a CV to a hospital named after her.
She was rather Hard to use with my most developt servant bring tutorial roll herc level 60. So i Just assumed she is a joke spesificly made for me by gacha considering i roll for her in order to make a fsn theme support list. Fast forward almost a year later, 10-11 months, i heard she becomes a walfare sana. So i decided to give another chance for her now that i know the game better. I still not really a fan of her art but somehow she grows on me the more i learn her real role on the team as well as her personality And her real history. She still didnt give up on doing weird jokes on me though-like spook-. When the famous 2 weeks started And i got into the my room guess Who was there to tell me wash my hands.


Yeah she is pretty good and she have the strongest ST NP in the game(till Enkidu get his upgrade) without niche

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I want to say that’s Jalter, not Maid Alter.

Someone check this!

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It’s Yagyu sitting EX time!!!
[Insert Yagyu sitting/Yagyu time meme here]

My Yagyu meme senses were tingling…
Peace out!

2 of these will be meh long, so I’ll hind them all.

Baber Alter

let me state that rin is my favorite route in the fateverse, and i find saber to be a bland character. when i first saw salter, it was in the grand order movie, and oh boy did i fall in love at first sight. my gawd, i though she was so badass, so awesome, so everything. i though this was how saber should be. i’ve gone back to watch her part at least 10 times. the when i saw her performance in carnival phantasm, i was gilgamesh except multiplied by 100. when i finally heard grand order was actually a game and she was a playable servant, your damn right i downloaded it right then. when i’d use friends’ salter and saw her animations, i fell in love for a 3rd time. the burst of her sword, the swings of her sword, her np’s animations and ayako kawasumi’s voice when yelling ‘excalibur morgaaaaan!!!’ were just to perfect that i had to have my own. saved all my grails and as soon as she came on the knights of the round banner, within 5 minutes she was level 100.

Baber Alter Lancer

i thought she was badass and super challenging when i fought her in london. plus she was a baber alter. got her on a ticket when i threw 5 at the story banner after i beat london. she was my first baber alter and my last level 100 baber alter. she was also my only level 90 or higher lancer for nearly 10 months.

Maid Baber Alter

she’s a baber alter, but in a swimsuit… a maid-style swimsuit. do you thing i, lover of all things baber alter, wouldn’t love her as well? plus her np is ridiculous.

Santa Baber Alter

its baber alter in a santa suit. duh. plus she’s my first welfare. can’t get any better than her.


2 words. lewd nun. that is all. also, she’s hawt and her laugh really gets me

Yu Miaoyi

attractive, glasses, long hair, kinda tragic back story, smexy voice, duel wielding swordswomen, consort. yeah… i think that covers it. i just wish all her ascensions had glasses

Nagao Kagetora

mizuki nana is the reason i started loving her. my first subbed anime was naruto and hinata has been my best girl for nearly 12 years and has a solid spot as a top 2 waifu. cross ange is a top 5 anime for me no matter how trashy it is and ange is a top 4 waifu for me. mizuki nana voiced both these characters, so when i heard she voiced kagetora, you bet your ass i was gonna love her. she helped me out in the beginning of my fgo jp campaign an was literally level 94 while the closest to her was level 65. her animations are awesome, her personality and laugh brings a smile to my face every time i hear her voice.

she might be the one to break both my rules of grailing one of each class and not grailing the same servants on my jp and na accounts. and i’m def okay with that.


she’s cute, can rock a strong ponytail, also despises campers, and likes to toss things with 2 hands. what’s not to like?


I didn’t really care for Ereshkigal until I got her. After that, I actually looked into her character and realized how likeable she is. That’s about it.