How important is the weight and height?

I was wondering if the size of a Pokémon affects anything.
I have a Giratina with decent IV (14,15,15) which happens to be my highest CP Giratina. It would be the natural choice to use for increasing CP to high numbers since it’s already pass 2500 point.
Everything seems to direct toward appointing it to the high level mon, except that he is TINY…

He weighs something in low 300 kg and not even 4 meters.
The average weight and heights are 700Kg and 6m.

Giratinas are warriors in all platforms. The one I raise to high numbers should be perfect and in fighting forms.

My question is, how much these things matter?

Should I just pick another one? I have quite a few. But this one is the best one so far.
Should I wait for something better to come along?

I did catch a Shiny with 14, 14, 14 IVs. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s not all that bad either.


Height and weight dont affect anything.

Slightly off topic but “I have a Giratina with decent IV (14,15,15)” statements like these are why I hate that IVs were made easy to see. 14/15/15 is not decent lol its fantastic. People put too much stock in IVs without really understanding them.

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The only relevance is for the Magikarp and Rat medals.

…I will get them eventually.

Would you please explain further?

So, what should I consider as an important factor?

Do you believe that this tiny Giratina would make a good choice, regardless of its size?

If the IVs are not an important factor, what do you think would be something to look for?

Specifically, when you have several Pokémon with the exact same attacks, generally similar CP, which one should be the IT?

Don’t you think that those IVs are a Sign of little more strength or power? Resistance? Endurance? I don’t know… the IT Factor?

I think the point being made was that having a 98% or 91% mon is, in probably 999 of 1000 or more scenarios identical and that people put too much stock in having a hundo. I’d love a 14/14/14 shiny, it’s going to do the same job as a hundo in all but the most extreme of circumstances. IV’s roughly, make less than 10% of the difference between 0-45 and so, having one that’s 42/45 is such a fine margin below perfect, it really is imperceptibly different. Especially so in these days of remote raiding where it’s far less likely that you’ll be short manning a raid - unless that’s your thing and so DPS is even less important to most people than it was, say, 6 months ago.

Whilst, in a world of infinite time and energy we could and probably would all hunt down 6 or even 12 hundos of each type, this is a game of time and resource management. I was lucky to have 4 lucky rhyhorn to evolve on CD so my first 5 in my rock team are lucky rampardos, 4 lucky rock wrecker rhyperior followed by a 1/5/7 rock wrecker rhyperior. It performs, ever so slightly, worse than the 4 before it but when it was in my Moltres team, that Moltres didn’t enjoy the rocks from the final rhyperior any more than the previous 4. Until December rerun day, there’s nothing else going that will perform better in that 6th slot than that rhyperior and so, it stays there.

Size gets you a couple of badges for ratata and karp but apart from that, whether size was intended to matter at some point and it just never happened or if it’s just a point of interest to bulk out the appraisal dialogue bubbles, unless you want to make a team of “all XL” giratina, it’s purely aesthetic.

Personally, I’d choose the shiny, because it looks cooler. It will perform just as well as your non-shiny.

That said, I love Tina-O so I’m trying to build a team of 6 shinies, regardless of IV - some people would say that spending well over a million dust (assuming I can’t lucky trade a few of them) and 1000+ rare candy on one type is nuts, but I don’t care, it’s what I want to do. Play the way that makes you enjoy it most. If you enjoy having the best IV, go with the non-shiny 98%, if you enjoy shinies, go with the shiny.

Ultimately, Tina-O isn’t a necessary counter to itself and it’s here for another week. If you’re not desperate to max one now, you could land an XL shundo between now and next Friday night that solves your entire dilemma.

Again, weight and height have absolutely no influence in any of the Pokemon’s stats and battle conditions. It is purely cosmetic.

Also, 14/15/15 is actually amazing just like Sir_Gwibbles said. Gira-O itself is already a very good investment due to all the Psychic type legendaries around, and the near-perfect IVs make that Giratina an investment that you’ll not regret.

Thank you!!! Thank You!!

You guys are phenomenal! I completely get it!!
Such a fantastic way of looking at it and explaining so fluently and beautifully!!

I know what I have to do now and hope others also take the time and read through this world of knowledge you guys placed here. I think it should solve the “Choosing” issues a lot of people have.
I see these type of questions all over here and other forums as well.
We all cherish this particular Pokémon and are being careful for the choices we are making and I think your explanations cleared up a lot of issues for a lot of people. Not just me and mine.

You guys Rock!!

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Speaking of Giratina, ya’ll should know what the proper nickname for Giratina-O is