How is Aether Raids not considered pay to win?

While it’s not as pay-to-win as Arena modes and MS due to the different scoring systems, you encounter so many threats whose only counter are premium units you need to summon for. Even if it’s a low-rarity unit, that’s a problem because they can never show up. The threats I’m talking about are of course Ophelia, Legendary Alm (who only has one counter in the form of Fallen Lyon), Thrasir, Sothis, Reinhardt, Eliwood, Lysithea, Kiria, etc. I’ve been having a rough time in AR Offense all week and I feel like it’s pay-to-win. Even if you don’t think it’s pay-to-win, it’s a very high risk mode. The risk is so high that I’m surprised you don’t get banned from FEH period for sucking at it, something I question why competitive games like Smash don’t have when I’m on a losing streak.


Idk anyone who says it’s not


It’s more I don’t hear it criticized for being pay-to-win as the other modes.



I don’t know why, but I get the feeling you are calling me stupid. Which is warranted. I’m certainly not the smartest FEH player if I’m relying on f2p guides for tough maps.

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This is why I hope the up Auto-Dispatch to at least 5.

If I could reach top 3k whit a Fortress (O)4 and fortress (D)3 it is not P2W IMO. That said it is a very hard game mode that is made very easy by spending money on it

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I think that’s what most people consider “P2W”


I guess you can, but as far as I have seen it used it is more for when reaching top score etc is impossible without paying like for arena mode

While you may come across these fully decked out teams with +10 5* exclusives, they are the exception not the norm. The vast majority of the players are f2p. Fully invested 5* exclusives will never be meta simply because of how inaccessible they are.

I was anxious when F!Lyon got released, but I can count on the number of times I have matched against one with 5 fingers.


There’s a legal definition for pay to win because of some laws that almost got put into place in some regions.

It explicitly includes any form of spending money making the game, goal or competition easier.

Which is comically the case here, lol


If we’re gonna talk P2W, literally everything in this game is (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). If you spend enough money, you’ll have enough OP units to tear through all the content including modes like Arena and AR. Or you just get super lucky with your F2P orbs and never have to think about spending a dime.

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Nagi also hard-counters him. That is all.


Its a Gacha game so most people assume that content vs another player is going to end up being P2W or more forgiving to P2W.

A lot of people have pointed out that Mythics are basically the P2W units of the game as they just naturally increase your score in Mjolner strike and help with AR A LOT and are basically required there though.

That being said paying money to +10 units does not make people smarter and they can still lose with multiple +10 units , with a few exceptions (Like +10 F!Ike or Mareeta with Repel/close call and team support) that can make AR pretty easy in most cases.


All I can say is to build your AR-O teams to cover as many threats as possible.Recent threats for me have been Lysithea,Astra season Eliwood was a problem 3 weeks ago,but I started running qr 3 on my F Ike to kill him on ep.

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Meh xD i just don’t bother with the mode any more, if i see a team i don’t feel like playing against i just surrender and still get the daily bonus.
I’m happy in the frontier between 18 and 19, and it doesn’t even gives orbs.


While she can survive against Alm, due to NFU she can’t take him down in a single combat.


Well you don’t need money at all to succeed at AR.

You just need some practice getting better, and some good investments.

You speak as if units like F!Lyon are completely P2W but really they’re not. You only need a single copy. If you sparked the fallen banner that’s only 135 orbs. Aka less than half of one month’s orb salary.

If you pay and have no skill whatsoever, then you won’t win either. People so many times have ran up with a bunch of whaled +10 5* exclusives against my ARD and still got completely wrecked.

Speaking of, since I’m not good at ARO (not because I’m F2P just because I’m not very skillful lol) I can make a case in point with my anima ARD. Comprised of a +10 4*, and a bunch of unmerged 5*s, it loses never more than like 60 lift a week. The only merge or premium skill on that team is a merge on Ninian (lol by accident) and DC+Repel on Y!Marth.

But yes. It’s a competitive mode in a gacha game. There is no way paying wouldn’t get an advantage, otherwise why would people pay?

Tl;dr yes paying gives you an advantage but you can definitely get good results with a bit of tactical play, and more importantly, good resource allocation.


I second this, some of the best defenses I’ve went against barely had merges. AR is th one mode where you don’t have to be a whale to win. I’m an example as this is the only mode I can get top 3k consistently, whereas Arena I’m lucky if I can stay in tier 20. Resonances require harmonized for bonus. Allegiance (sort of) requires legendary pair ups for bonuses. And so on.


Resonance is the true P2W gamemode lol. At least AR they give you some free mythics.

Arena is just resource management really. Saving feathers and only building new high end BST units, and merging legendaries over a large period of time.