How is my "Marth" looking?

Story time: The first time I saw Marth I inmediately thought: "Wow, it only has a weapon and no skills…It must be so powerful that it doesn’t need skills!. And taking advantage of having a bunch of copies laying around I began to build him.

So I wanted to show you how my current Marth build is looking. Of course, there are some variations:

  • Refined Falchion (the one with the bond)
  • Sol, Aether, Luna, and Draconic Aura
  • Desperation
  • Atk Tactic 3
  • Heavy Blade/ Flashing Blade
    Those are some of the skills that he also has.
    Do you have any other suggestions? Maybe some cool skills to inherit? Let me know, because this guy has been my star Hero since nearly the beggining of my playthrough.

:( :upside_down_face:








Marth is dressed suspiciously like Lucina today


:feh_lucinastop: it, get some help
What is Marth wearing? :feh_lucinasmug:
Marth looks really weird :feh_lucishock:
Really tho, why :feh_luci:


because seriously if she’s gonna impersonate marth she could at least change her clothes first plus OP was obviously in on the joke


This has been excellent for me:

Has both refines and staples like fury, vantage, desperation, breath of life, etc


Ah yes one of my favourite characters: Marth

He seems to be dressing a lot like Lucina today. He also seems to have the physical shape of Lucina too. Wonder why he’s wearing a mask. He must have grown his hair out a bit. His voice sounds a little weird, maybe he’s got a sore throat. What’s that damaged animation? He looks a lot like Lucina. That Falchion… it doesn’t really look like Marth’s. Veryimage


The thing is that I don’t think she was trying too hard. When Chrom saw that she was a girl she replied saying that she was shocked he didn’t figure that out sooner.


I mean I guess but isn’t that reveal treated by the game as something of a big twist? It seems horribly lazy on IS’s part


gasp imagine IS being lazy! Unthinkable


Not really? Once the mask comes off that’s pretty much it. It’s not really a huge reveal, in fact it’s pretty small, and that’s not even comparing it to the reveal of her being Chrom’s daughter.

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That’s the one I’m talking about

The Lucina reveal was a pretty big deal though? There was an entire cutscene and everything with her and Chrom, and the mother as well.

Not entirely sure what her clothes have to do with anything since, if I recall, the clothes aren’t really what gave her away.

Not to mention the game made it extremely obvious.

“Oh look, this mysterious stranger has the exact same Falchion I have. And they have the exact same fighting style. And they said their father taught them. What a coincidence.”

Yeah, no. There was no big twist. They did make somewhat of a big deal about it due to the emotions displayed during the time, but no one should have been surprised by “Masked Marth” being Chrom’s kid.

Ok my point was if the game was going to make it a big deal and pretend it was a surprise twist, they could have at least gone through the effort of changing her clothes. It would’ve taken the devs 2 seconds.
“This mysterious stranger” called himself Marh. From what I understand, Chrom is Marth’s descendant. “Has the same falchion”. Again, from what I understand Chrom’s falchion IS Marth’s Falchion. So yeah, the game could’ve easily played it off as this WAS in fact Marth had they put a little more effort in

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