How is my "Marth" looking?

Except they’re being attacked during their time line when they’re deciding on going to the past or not, so I mean…?

What, you want Lucina to go get a quick change of clothes first while her world is being brought to ruin?

And the Falchion is the same blade, but you can see obvious differences in the design, hence why Marth’s and Chrom’s Falchion looks different. I’m pretty sure that’s even in one of her support conversations.

I think Owain and Lucina talk about how Falchion’s blade doesn’t break but the handle has been replaced countless times


Well yes but no. It is the same blade but it has a different design. You can clearly see that in the awakening falchion vs the SD falchion

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Fury 4 and summoner support would do it well of they really are such a main unit on your team.

She’s looking really good!!! I might work towards something like Close Call or Repel for her B slot, since she has the speed to do well with it, and it’d make her even tankier. And then possibly Atk/Spd Solo like, I’m not sure. Loving the dedication! I’m sure HE will serve you well xD :smiley:

For the C slot, team support like Atk Tactic is great. If you’re feeling super premium (like gas? :thinking:) you could go Time’s Pulse maybe. For her special, I reckon she probably hits hard enough, so maybe something with sustain like Noontime/Sol/Aether. And for Seal slot, swift Sparrow seal, or flashing/heavy blade are solid choices