How is she considered any good

I got drake from the GSSR last month, and ive gone and ascended her to final ascension along side ishtar rider. having none of the reources to invest in skill enhancements so that both skills are level 1. ishtar rider is just a better servant, and shes free! drake seems to serve no purpose other than farming due to lacking any real damage on her default cards. and her NP hits about as hard as a wet paper towel. meanwhile ishtar has great burst damage, alot of survivability options and an NP that hits like a truck. even at NP level one and drake post interlude ishtars NP deals more damage.

The only way i see drake as anything worth taking is if u invest the huge sum of maxing out all 3 of her skills, or at least 2. but the shes just eaten useful things like crystallised lore and only just is able to compete with a FREE servant.

I have many questions, but I will say that in my experience, drake is far better at dealing more consistent damage and even np/crit looping when set up into the right team

ishtar feels more like a burst and done servant to me, with the “bonus” of having an awkward af third skill with that stun demerit


Yes, Drake is mainly just for farming and wave-clearing, but majority of the game content is just that, farming. What she offers over Ishtar is her 50% NP Charge. Paired with a CE with 50%+ Starting NP, she can NP Turn 1, which Ishtar cannot do by herself unless she uses an MLB Kaleidoscope.

Bring her with the right setup and team and you’ll be on your way to 3-turn farming or, at the very least, NOT spending too many turns just to clear a single farming quest.

I haven’t leveled my Ishtar Rider yet, but I’ve used her from Friend Support and, personally, I prefer Drake for an AoE mainly because of her NP Charge. I wouldn’t bring either of them to a single-enemy boss fight as they aren’t exactly built for it, but if I absolutely had to, Drake generates more crit stars for the team and herself to use so she could at least work as a Buster-crit DPS.


I don’t know much about Ishtar rider but i’m pretty sure Drake outperforms her even at NP1.

Ishtar skills are weird, she simply has more survivability compared to Drake but that’s pretty much it. I’d always take Drake over her for farming if only for her NP burst + NP battery + Golden Rule… she’s a servant made for farming, that’s clear enough.

Astolfo was at rock bottom of the tier list,but when he got a 50% NP charge, he skyrockets to top tier farmer. Thats what NP charge does for you. Drake is better than Astolfo in almost every way in farming, she’s good at that.

no drakes NP1 is 300% damage, ishtars 600 post interlude drakes is 400% istars at NP 5 is 1000%

so u have to invest a fuck tone into a servant that is practically useless in all other repsects. want my SQ back tbh

ishtar also has a quick np vs drake’s buster, and quick has generally the worst base damage across all cards with few ways to benefit from them

not to mention, quick first card bonus is a fucking joke, and so only ever maybe useful in a quick chain or if you want to get more np gain refund after using a quick np with a qaa chain or something

and this isn’t even getting into stuff such as base stat differences or any buffs being applied


I can see why you think ishtar rider is better. Assuming you didnt level either of their skills and that ishtar is at np5 (which ez considering welfare) i can totally imagine her outdamaging drake. But at the end of the day drake (if her skills are leveled) should be doing the same if not more damage than ishtar.

Drake is a 5 star meaning her overall level and stat cap are higher compared to ishtar. Drakes first skill is both an atk up and np dmg up meaning they will stack multiplicatively. A 50% np charge will mean she can np sooner than ishtar. Since she can cover her own damage and np needs she is very specialized for farming.

However being a 5 star also means ur god damn difficult/expensive to raise so i understand your frustrations. Farming is held in high regard in this game, after all it is most of what you do. If you can cut down the number of turns you need to finish a node, you will most certainly be favored.


1)Outside of farming,good stats;she gains NP and crit stars quite easily.
2)50% charge at max means that you can NP easily without a NP charger, an essential QoL improvement for any player.
3)Strong Support Potential in farming due to her 1st skill.
Also, most servants need their skills levelled to be useful, especially those with NP charges. Not levelling essential skills and then calling a servant bad is like complaining to Ikea that their products are shit when you haven’t even put it together yet.


Never thought there would be a day when Drake would be compared to a Welfare Servant and be considered “bad” lmao. It’s like comparing Raikou to Chacha and saying that the former is “bad” because she’s at NP1 while the latter is at NP5.

If you really want to talk about a Rider AOE NP which hits like a truck, then Santa Alter is probably much better anyway: she can deal nearly 100k damage to each enemy with her buffs and Waver’s buffs.

You talk about survivability but that’s not really necessary. You only need to bring Riders to face off against Casters, and frankly most Casters hit like crap and have long NP gauges, so there’s really no point in having a dodge or invulnerability. If you’re facing off against Berserkers, then that’s a different story, but really, you can literally use any class against Berserkers.

As many others have said, Drake has a 50% NP charge which really is a game-changer. Her Golden Rule can also make it easy to fill up her NP gauge immediately after unleashing her NP (provided the card setup is right).

Equip 50% CE -> Use NP charge skill and unleash NP (which gives stars) -> If things fall nicely (AQA with high crit % on her arts cards) in the next turn, use Golden Rule to watch that NP gauge fill up to 100% -> Fire off NP in the next turn again


3 turning QP farming is the best quality of life, and the less botton presses you need the bettersame, Drake is great at that therefore she’s great


Practically every single Servant in the game needs an investment into their skills in order to perform at their best. SSRs cost more to raise (no one can argue about that) but they also have better base stats to work with. Even a 3* grailed all the way up to 100 just barely matches the stats of SOME 5* at level 90, and even then, the difference is so miniscule that it’s negligible.

Also, you’re mistaken about something. NP1 Post-interlude Drake is 400% Damage, but her NP is Buster, which applies a 150% Damage Modifier, which means that 400% is effectively 600%. Ishtar at NP5 is 1000% but her NP is Quick, which has an 80% Damage Modifier, lowering it to what is effectively 800%. Still higher, but not as high as you’d expect.

At Skill level 1 and 100% Overcharge, NP1 Drake does an average of 20k and NP5 Ishtar does 24k damage per neutral enemy (no class or attribute advantage). At skill 10, Drake does 23k damage on average, while Ishtar does 26k on average.

Yes, Ishtar still deals more damage NP-wise, but Drake contributes more to the team with her better star generation and her Golden Rule + crits make it easy for her to charge or re-charge her NP Gauge for another blast.

Either way, nothing we say can force you to use/raise her if you don’t want to. So if you don’t want to use or raise Drake further, then don’t, simple as that.


Anything with a 50% Battery is blessed by the gods for farming.


I’ve raised Astolfo for the exact same reason Drake is useful.
The 50% battery makes her a very potent farmer for both normal content and events.
During events lacking CEs that provides any np gauge it is a nice QoL to be able to eliminate a wave simply by adding a support Waver.
For Nerofest she is a prime candidate to use the damage boosting CE.

Outside of farming Drake is a pretty good star generator and her np gain is very high so she can both crit and fire her NP often. Her batteries Ignore Invincibility is also a nice touch for stage gimmicks or skills.

If you are dissatisfied with her NP damage you could always equip a Heaven’s feel or if that isn’t an option the welfare CE we will get soon from the Halloween rerun.
x, Drake, Waver, Shakespeare.

Simply use the Chaldea Combat Uniform and replace Waver with a Shakespeare and Drake’s NP will hit for more than 51k neutral damage even if it hasn’t been MLB.
Even that damage can be buffed easily once the Journey West has its rerun or if you get a Heaven’s Feel, Black Grail, Waver or Merlin. Theoretically up to 90-110k.
Using only welfare CE and fp summons Drake’s NP can reach 60-74k neutral damage.

It is far harder to increase Ishtar’s damage. Her lack of battery adds CE restrictions plus the available quick support options only last for a turn and they can’t provide sufficient NP gauge. The better quick supports are unfortunately all 4-5* while Buster has budget Shakespeare and in the future Chen Gong.

If I follow the same non-gacha restrictions then I believe Holy Night supper and Alexander are the best options and that would result in 52-64k of neutral damage.

If we on the other hand includes Gacha or anniversary tickets then:
Waver, Holy Night supper and Atalanta nets 57-70k, which is below Drake’s non-gacha damage.

Skadi’s arrival next year does open a few doors.
Ishtar (Heaven’s feel), Waver, Skadi reaches 83k+.

This teambuilding is based on the assumption that only 2 supports are available even with the Combat Uniform.
In this example I also assumed all skills are at rank 10. NP1 for Drake, NP5 for Ishtar.
Heaven’s feel isn’t MLB and all CE’s attack is 500.

The point I’m trying to make is that Drake has a far higher damage potential without relying on the fickle gacha and even then you’d need to own either a Skadi or Waver plus at least a Heaven’s feel.

Edit: Fixed the linebreak

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As others have said NP charge and NP gain skills are incredibly powerful. But they naturally requires a certain amount of investment in them, (drake can get away without it if you have an MLB Imaginary around though). Being able to Np early or repeatedly is literally the holy grail of farming. Also right now there’s no Skadi on NA so if your able to use a merlin, (either your own or from a support list if you lack him), her damage potential is significantly higher.

Alo as noted thanks to card type modifiers Drake is very close to Ishtar even at NP1, get her to Np2 and she’ll outperform ishtar by a fair old margin. Incidentally Most 4 stars at NP5 outperform Np1 5 star’s. Thats just the extra damage modifier at work.

When you are comparing NP damage it is better to consider actual damage rather than multiplier alone. Also, even if you are considering multiplier only, Quick NP has a deceptively high multiplier that needs to multiply by 0.8, while Buster NP has a multiplier of 1.5. This means that Ishtar’s multiplier is 800% at NP5 while Drake’s is 600% at NP1 post interlude, the difference is not that big after considering Drake’s higher atk stat. Ishtar’s NP damage is still higher I believe, but thats what most welfare servants have compared to 5* servants. Drke’s battery is really a big plus n her favour.


Most NP5 4s do hit far harder than NP1 5s. this is why wellfare are so damn good.

Drake can NP spam with critting on arts card via golden rule, using her free stars generated on NP, that she can easily suck, thanks to her class. Not many buster AOe servants can have chances of NP spam (other who come to mind is Lartoria, as she also has 50% charge and refunds 20% on OC 1, 40% OC 3).

Ishtar is still 4*, her normal attacks will hit weaker than Drake, simply like that. And her normal quick cards are kind of weak (2-hits). She has amazing crit potential, but outside of NP she’s not generating many stars herself, even with her quick up. Drake has 2 ways of flooding you with instant stars (NP+battery), and her one quick card is actually kinda good.

Now, if you compare Drake vs Santa Alter, yeah, that massive dmg thanks to multiplier+mana burst A- and free NP5 does outmatch Drake as buster. But is not easy to charge Santa Alter bar 2 times in a node.

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From the CQ this year against Boudica (as an Avenger) I took Drake along with me to help clear the 1st couple of waves. She used her NP 3 times in the 1st 6 turns and I didn’t keep count exactly after that point, but it probably kept rolling pretty well.

I would say Ishtar’s advantage is her survivalbility, but that’s only any good on challenging quests (you can clear normal daily farming with just a support, so you don’t need her evade and invincibility there) but not being ST limits her use on CQ that normally have a single high HP boss, rather than a single wave of 50k or so enemies.

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What is nice here is tat I can run both of them and Caster Gil too. Ishtar is an easy source of Buster and Quick Buffs, and Caster Gil is the Arts buff. Not an ideal comp, but against Casters, they’re all dead.

I tend to run Drake as a Support Servant though. Stars on her NP and battery, and boosting the power of Noble Phantasms and their Attack. Not just Drake can benefit from that, and the overcharge effect sets up even more stars, which can guarantee a critical turn.

Also, for some reason, you can set up Ishtar’s evade and invincibility, and invincibility falls first, then the next attack is evaded. I’ve never really seen that interaction before, since most would be 1 turn skills.