How is this even possible

So I go on GBL. I am Rank 4 so I face pretty bad people. 3/5 battles in, I go for my 4th and run into a guy (with a Pika-Libre suit) who leads with a Zen Headbutt Metagross. (UL btw) I lead as always with my Sceptile and take it down easily. He sends in Vaporeon (lol) and I knock that out too. His Pinsir KOs my Sceptile immediately after switch in but my Clefable finishes him with 1 shield left for both of us. Easy win. Moving on to the next battle, another dude (with a normal suit), guess what he sends in first? Another Metagross with Zen Headbutt. This time however, he isn’t fast enough with his charge move and I KO him with 2 shields for both of us. And what does he send in next? A Vaporeon. LMAO

The second dude didn’t round up his team with Pinsir (phew) but just crazy seeing how 2 consecutive matches pit me against 2 people with extremely similar lineups.

Seems like you run into two low level players. My alt account is level 29, I can easily see how these teams get formed. Metagross was a GBL reward, Eevee with high Cp is easy to get and if you do one star raids, you can get a lot of Pinsirs from field research task. If I didn’t know better, I’d be running that on my alt myself.

By the way, you’re rank 4? Did you not play Great League at all or did you do that much tanking?

I decided to not play during the first week to avoid the super hardcores.

Tanking? Yes.

What’s tanking?

In the context of PoGo pvp, it’s to intentionally lose matches, so that your rating will go down. The matchmaking is based on finding opponents with similar rating within the same rank, so you may have an easier time to get 4 or 5 wins per series facing less prepared players who generally have lower rating.

I didn’t intentionally lose, I was just “inactive” for the first couple weeks and waiting for the super hardcores to advance to a higher rank.