How is this is $4.99 Black knight looking?

I used the free B!Hector and B!ike to make this, planning on being my next grail unit, after Finn, any idea for the C-slot?


Panic Ploy would be a good and cheap option on him since it’s available on Garon (or Valter if you don’t want to spend grails and you don’t mind to spend feathers) and BK has a pretty huge HP stat.


While I could have justified this back in the day (pre refine), foddering B!Ike for Steady Breath just seems like a massive waste

C slot is the most flexible slot for most units, you can pretty much run whatever you want to support your team


Panic Ploy would be decent since he has high hp. Armor March is good if mobility is an issue. Even just his Atk Smoke is really good on him


Warding Breath is the better skill here. If you’re going to be using Alondite then it’s better to try and increase his mixed bulk to actually make use of his Distant Counter weapon. If his resistance is just gonna remain bad and he’s not running a Vantage set then there’s honestly no reason to even run Alondite.

But it’s pretty arguable if Warding Breath is even that good here.

I cry in B!Ike :frowning:
This BK you present is a mixed phase so just slap Panic Ploy in his C or Def Smoke and you’re ready to go.

You can also go full offensive with Wo Dao/Slaying edge + Death Blow, and for the special can go Black Luna or Galeforce, whichever you prefer the most. Accompany that with some boots and he will run like a crazy or nuke anyone. You can always go with someone near him with armor march so he can free that S slot.

For a defensive build just change BF with SF from V!Ike and that’s everything, I guess. Maybe if you’re crazy enough to do that, you can fodder V!Ike for DC+SF and change the sword for something more defensive and… well, be a defensive wall no one can break.

He’s super flexible and IMO he could be sort of average if it wasn’t for his Black Luna; that’s what makes him shine the most. Capitalize on that or fight with his sheer stats, but over all of that, just have fun with this unit: is super strong!

@FutabaBestGirl you sure this isn’t you’re alt account right?

Anyways. Why did you fodder the B!Ike anyways? I mean I can’t say anything seeing as I killed him for OG Marth, but this was pre refine. Wouldn’t something more mixed phase like def/res solo or something work better? Though I will say it’s not too bad, it does work pretty well I suppose.


Well I got 2 more hectors and I’m not planning on using B!ike, does killing L!ike, and eir count

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If that were me I’d be using a cursed pfp


Aight makes perfect sense