How is your Passionlip like?

As a new proud master of best girl Passionlip, I am curious about how you field her in battle. What role do you use her as? Do you like using her as a tank or DPS? Which team comps do you like using her in? Which CEs have you found effective on her?

Personally, I’ve been using Lip with Nightingale & Merlin, equipped with Aerial Drive or Conquering Sea of Stars for 3-wave battles. Nightingale and Merlin both holding 2030 give her plenty of stars to work with. Her taunt helps keep Nightingale alive while Nightingale gives her those juicy red buffs :)


I mainly use her as a tank on mixed Calvary nodes cause at np1 she hits very softly.

But she can take a punch and heal which does have its uses.

I like either using buster CEs like Aerial Drive or survival CEs like Chaldea life savers with her.


I have her at NP5 and i’m still not sure how i am going to fit her into any team outside of this event, if i need an alter ego for farming i’d rather use Okitan and i don’t think she’s good enough to bring into most CQs even as a dedicated tank.

Yeah i never really enjoyed using her gameplay wise, i suppose she just doesn’t fit my playstyle.

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Mine is NP5 and I typically field her in mixed cavalry/Assassin/Rider nodes, especially if I know I’m going to have to facecard a bit, such as events with spawn CEs.

I usually have her tank some hits, build up her NP and then use it on wave 2. She actually generates a surprisingly decent amount of stars so they can be used to either finish wave 2 (particularly if there are more than 3 enemies) or use them on wave 3. Her heal also keeps the team up as they will undoubtedly taken some damage.


Tank/DPS with Merlin/Waver or Lip/Merlin/Jeanne stall with either my MLB black grail or maxed out aerial drive for farming.

I use my Lip, at np1, for farming calvary nodes. Her aoe damage is bad but it’s good enough to kill mooks and her cards finish off the bosses in wave 2 and 3. Thanks Merlin.

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She sits at lvl 21 NP5 and gives me event currency. I don’t really have a job for her.



I don’t, outside of this event

She’s useful for events like this where we have spawn bonus + mixed cavalry mobs, but those events are not common at all. And her damage isn’t enough for most W2 bosses on regular events anyway

You can go buster stall with like Lip and double Merlin, but the taunt needs to last longer imo


Between her high attack and Buster Deck she can easily brawl through events with spawn rate CEs and her low cooldown taunt and damage cuts help her stay safe while keeping the team safe in those fights. Those don’t come often but she is very helpful in keeping frailer allies, like Berserkers, alive through a fight.

Also, she is my best AoE “Assassin” for farming Riders.


Recently got her and I’ve mainly been fielding her as a tank so far, helps that she can pull her damage weight in mixed cavalry nodes tho, makes it so I can run full bonus without much issue


I usually use her as my second DPS, like
Lip/another DPS/support.
And one time on LB 3 i used her as the last servant standing with the help of a guts ce(this one been Chaldea Lifeguard) and this save is all thanks to her second skill, that 50% atack up on a Buster Chain against a Berserker is amazing.
I would love to have her at NP 2 but looks like luck say no, but at least this can do her job decently well at NP 1 because her main source of damage is from her facecards instead of her NP


@Emprisk has a good one

I use her mostly as a tank/DPS on mixed cavalry nodes. I find her taunt useful when the node has a lot of cavalry class mobs, but a knight class boss because that way I can bring class advantage DPS for the boss without worrying about my DPS dying. I have her at NP 3 so her damage isn’t too bad. She was a particular star in that slog of a fight in the third lostbelt with 25ish assassin and rider mobs. Her heal is also pretty substantial and she outstrips Jeanne a 5 star in the same role which is worth noting.


outside of the ccc event, i never use her. i don’t have merlin, but i do have a lvl 100 np4 2k/2k fou kiara who runs great with tamamo and waver…

uh but for 1 turn she is the worlds greatest tank.


Poor Mash, always so forgotten…


Pardon. I use my mash to dps. Big red cards go boom!


Pouring one out for lip…


schrodinger’s passionlip


For those of you who want to max out drop currency from CCC, Lip is your gal to help (and majorly succeeding) in keeping your party alive through all the mobs, or if not then soaking up a lot of attacks before succumbing.

She’ll be getting lores at some point, I just don’t have QP.


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As much as I love Passionlip, I haven’t really used her much because I have an NP3 Okitan (whereas Passionlip is only NP1), and on the few occasions I have used her, it hasn’t gone great because I tend to screw up by using her for wave clearing but forgetting that her 3rd skill has a self-stun, leaving her unable to actually fire off her NP to clear the wave like I intended which screws up my 3 turn clear plans and leaving me frustrated all because I was stupid.


I’ll finish raising Passionlip at Gilfest or something. I keeping a lot of embers banked for upcoming Servants.