How likely that SA Moltres could return to raids?

During its raid day, my best catch was a 14/14/12, which I took to level 30. As much as I would like a maxed Moltres with FS/SA+OH, 282 Rare Candy is a lot to spend on a 89% legendary.

That’s what lucky trades are for. Get a lucky friend, let them know you want a SA Moltres, and ask what they want. Make the trade, and if things go averagely for you, you’ll have a 91% SA Moltres that costs half the dust to power up. If they go better, great. And if they go below average, well, bummer, try again next lucky trade.


I would say extremely unlikely. Especially now that we have confirmation that summer raid days will be the beasts and not a repeat of the birds.

I agree with the other post here, use a lucky trade on this

Any raid boss could return at any time with little notice; but I agree that if you really want one, use a lucky trade for it.

SA Moltres will probably be back at some point; but whether that is next week, or next year is anyone’s guess.