How long until they re-institute the Gym/Stop distances?

Because let’s be honest, it’s completely stupid to go back to pre-covid distances when they made the game better/more accessible. This is going to make me play less and sure as hell not put any money into the game.

However long it takes them to assess the revenue it costs them vs the revenue it makes them with reduced play vs more remote passes, with a factor of general community backlash as per the mega and xl systems.

My guess? I think they’ll revert within 2-3 months but I wouldn’t put the farm on it.

It could happen, but I doubt it, this decision isn’t about money, it’s more related to the “play the game the way Niantic wants it”. It pretty much obvious that they are an AR company first and a game one second.

I also would prefer the distance to continue to be increased, but it simply goes against their philosophy. And no, the “but as a game company they will made more money” or the “they are risking lives to the Covid”, kind of excuses are pretty much irrelevant for their decision. In my opinion, they felt they gave the pandemic bonus for more time that they anticipated and as long that it doesn’t goes against an specific law I doubt they considered the safety of the players too much(basically they doesn’t “force you to play”, it’s your decision to “risk your life”).

I sometimes think that the monetizing decisions, like the mega fiasco, came from the pokemon company itself (remember that they even advertised it during a pokemon direct). So no, they don’t care too much about the company image, as long as they fulfill their goals in a short term.

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Feedback in game.
Sign the petition Petition · Keep increased PokeStop and Gym interaction distance ·
Don’t spend money on game.

All of these types of things have an impact.

#1) Thier logic completely and utterly sucks. The idea to go “Explore” more by making the interaction distance less. No. I can still see the Point of Interaction from the same distance. It appears in game, I can see the photo disc, read the story. Making me move closer to it has nothing to do with “Explore”

  1. Thier reason that they are removing the distance bonus as countries “Recover from the Pandemic” is the stupidest PR gaff any company can make. Florida just hit a record number of daily new cases, and HOSPITALIZATIONS. There are stories about florida hospitals having patients in the hallways for lack of room as there was in the beginning of the pandemic. How can a company say America has recovered, past tense, from the pandemic when its setting new records?

Cynical me says it’s to do with sponsored stops. Hence the focus on the US. NZ always seems to be the poor ‘lab rat’ but I’m not sure if those guys have sponsored stops as well.

It wouldn’t surprise me if niantic weren’t getting pressure from their sponsors to reduce it so that you have to be within sight of their shop before you can spin the stop.

If you’re within sight of a Starbucks (are they a sponsored one?) Or Verizon shop you’re also likely in a city centre and within range of dozens of other stops too.

Of no benefit to the suburban player but as Moe Szyslak said “Money buys you one more round”.


Huh? I mean I understand many arguments, but of course moving closer to the stop is kind of exploring/walking/moving more…
I am also with @oaf on this one. Don’t know if it was a real pressure, but indeed you’re closer to the store then

A very cynical part of me is thinking that they will put the distances back the moment they get wind of a Blizzard/Activision or Riot Games style lawsuit coming their way.

A more realistic part of me is thinking that it will take at least a full financial quarter AFTER this goes into effect worldwide. So if it goes into effect on September 1 worldwide, we won’t see any change until January 2022 at the earliest (Oct-Nov-Dec being a quarter, either a final quarter or a 3rd quarter, depending how the company keeps track), and probably not until April 2022 (as the Christmas events will throw a wrench into good data).

I don’t know. Moving anywhere is “exploring” and we get distance track for eggs and spawns, so in that sense its not really exploring it’s changing direction. And since I can already see the stop in app and even click on to see the picture on the photo disc then its not exploring that way anyway.

I doubt it because the sponsered stops already get the advertising when you see them in photo disc clicking on it.

Besides there are also sponsered gifts, so reducing interaction is reducing that pop up chance to.

probably never dumb asses. they’ve enraged such a large portion of a long time player base that people are quitting. i played this game since day one i’m DONE i’ve had ENOUGH. This game is 5 years old but it glitches MORE than any other game that i’ve played. i’m disgusted. with them.

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It might just be my misconception and bad memory but I feel the interaction distance is actually worse than before.

Anyone else feel the same?

It’s more like exploring in the real world. Of course with the countless stops in our home towns this doesn’t make sense. But coming fresh from vacation, going actually to the stop when you can’t reach it, is exploring - i guess that’s what niantic wants us to do (with sponsored stops in their minds for sure as well - do you know from first hand they get it all already when you see the pic in the disc?). I mean right now we are spoiled with the farther distances - of course the pandemic is still a threat for many (in terms of lock downs), but not for most anymore. Having a kid playing PoGo, i am a bit relieved as well - it actually has to go out from time to time ;)

I’m not sure if the current interaction distance is actually worse than it originally was, but damn, it sure feels like it. There’s a handful of stops/gyms that I swore I was able to reach from certain locations pre-pandemic. Now? Nope.

Also doesn’t help that GPS drift is a thing and likes to walk my character just out of range of a gym when I’m supposed to be joining a raid lobby. The extended distance entirely mitigated issues like this.



Maybe, but my cynical head is still well and truly on and surely seeing a name from 2 streets away as you spin a stop is one thing, being 20 yards away and say, smelling their coffee and seeing their comfy seats after an afternoon walking round town must seriously increase the odds you’ll buy one and rest your legs on the comfy seats.

Apart from me, I really don’t like coffee, smells and tastes terrible.

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Tea? ;)

I love tea but not at those prices.

Also who’s out pokemoning and sees a Sprint or Verizon and decides to pop in for an impulse new phone buy

I wouldn’t call the farther distances being spoiled. There are stops/gyms around me that used to be reachable from across a street when out on a walk but now to get them I’d have to cross the road. This seems an arbitrary reversion to an inferior system that benefits no one, especially not the players. Given the nature of where some stops are the “extra” distance we were given (which should have always been the standard) is a safer way for people to play. People still had to go out and explore and walk to get to stops and gyms, now it’s just more tedious.


I can understand rolling back the changes to Incense and gifts from poke-buddies, but reducing the interaction distance for stops/gyms is (or should be) a separate issue entirely. As has been stated by others, I can no longer easily interact with stops/gyms that are literally across the street on a two-lane road. Typically, these stops/gyms are church signs or signposts for public parks.

[sidewalk (me)] _ [south lane] _ [north lane] _ [sidewalk (poke-stop)]


explore deez nuts