How many Best Buddy Badges?

I just got my 10th:
100% Mewtwo Psystrike+Flamethrower
15/15/14 Dialga
15/14/15 Groudon FP+EQ
100% Palkia
15/14/14 Togekiss
15/14/15 Metagross
15/14/15 Lucario
15/14/15 Registeel
15/14/12 Zekrom
15/12/15 Zweilous

Current buddy is 15/14/15 Shiny Dragonite. Not quite two stars on it. Not sure what else to get hearts for: maxed Blastoise, maxed Beedrill, Charizard, Venusaur…if those newer mega perks even worth bothering with


5 Best Buddies.

  1. Regice
  2. Heatran
  3. Conkeldurr
  4. Dialga
  5. Gengar

That’s it.

I have 0.0 interest in this badge.

The 100 best buddy gold badge is silly. I could slowly try to buddy up things I have maxed double moved: Darkrai, Kyogre, Heatran, Latios, Lugia, Articuno, Landorus, maybe Swampert. Ultra could do maxed Drifblim or Shiftry or Clefable. Great can continue with Sableye or start Medicham. Maxed Gira-A with BB seems like something useful, too

Perrserker (lets my 14/14/15 max at 2498)

Working on Mewtwo, Gira, Metagross, Zangoose and a shiny Charmander

I have 2 - Rayquaza and Charizard. I have plenty of others at Ultra or Great but I didn’t bother with the Buddy system until Megas were announced. I have a number of 100 IV Pokemon that have Mega evolutions so I’ve been working on getting them up to Best Buddy.

I’m a looong ways off from getting the gold best buddies badge, but I’m currently at 17! Figured the hundos deserve to have cool badges, so they were the first ones I’ve been working on. Here’s where I’m at so far!

Not pictured: Lucario and Deino, because they didn’t fit in the screenshot.


Rayquaza an option to BB, I have 2 maxed, but neither one I want as a mega. I got a 15/15/13 shiny on the last round of Rayquaza, that is the one I wanna use. Even being a redundant dragon it still has significant raid use

I like these nicknames, esp Chronos and Jorm

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I pick one Buddy for candy grinding and a second one to walk after i have all walking hearts for the day on the first. Recently I also picked a third buddy, who only gets the first 4 hearts(feeding x1, playing, snapshot and battling) every day. The third buddy was Darkrai, because I felt walking 20 km for one candy was not worth it. Now it is Machamp, since I don’t need candy for it. Actually I don’t need a Best Buddied Machamp at all, but he is at buddy3 already and I don’t want this to be for nothing.

This is my only Archen and I have 72 candy. So this strategy gets me best buddies “quickly”, but it is not efficient to farm candy for rare species.

There is an Axew at buddy4 with 54 candy. I might keep walking it and slow down on best buddy grinding. Having a lot of Best Buddies is not necessary at the moment, after all.

Let’s say a person “tries”…20 hearts a day. 300 x 100= 30,000 hearts / 20= 1500 days. 4.1 years.

Question for those who have more than 10, do you guys rotate a few to feed berries 3 times a day + the easy tasks? Or do you focus on one or two at a time? I play this game a, but i’m just too lazy to take care of my buddy… i only have 4 BB’d and another 4 at 3 hearts.

Depends on if I have berries to get rid of (bag full) to be able to spin/open gifts. I just finished Zekrom (my 10th BB) and I don’t have anything with 2 finished ATM shiny Taillow close(?) and Dragonite close. Sometimes I want/need the 2 done to help catch something important. I was actually kinda excited about getting a free poffin yesterday for scanning a gym, then it turned into a fast TM instead of a poffin. Now I get offerred 1 max potion…granted I don’t have a lot of potions (575 max revives). Lacking in potions bc these stupid/Strange loot eggs not having me spin/open gifts.

It is a grind. At the moment I get 9 (1st buddy) and 2x 4 hearts for another two, at best. Two with 9 hearts and a third with 5 was my personal highest achievement for a single day. So it would take me even longer than those 4 years.

I forgot about the Bonus hearts, those help a little as well.

Theoretically, you could earn 4 hearts for 20 different pokemon every day + maybe 6 for the last buddy that stays active. Even more, if you don’t switch buddy as soon as you fed/played/snap shotted/leader battled the previous one.
But that is too much for me to do.

Edit: I think i marked @devshaw for this reply, but it is more of a general reply to the thread. I don’t know how to change this afterwards. Sorry.

Usually I start the day by switching buddy, feed it, play with it, battle with it and take a picture. I do this for three buddies consecutively. The third buddy stays with me for the day, since switching at e.g. 1.5 of 2 km distance resets to 0 after you buddy up again.

Depending on how much I walk on a day, I get the first buddy to 9 - 10 hearts and a second to 4-8. (I switch as soon as the third walking heart is reached. This usually takes me long enough to feed it for all three hearts beforehand).

Other people grind buddies similarly, I would think, but I’m courious if there a different approaches, myself.

The key is definitely doing those grindy chores over and over again every day.

I hope my three posts with roughly the same story in them don’t bother anyone. Next time I’ll try to write one cohesive piece before posting.

Only two :slight_smile:

  1. Gyarados I walked for like 1 month for that damn Mew quest

  2. Shiny Umbreon because it’s the best Eeveelution and Shiny Eeveelution


I really couldn’t be bothered at first, but now I rotate daily between… as many as possible. At 15 right now and 9 are close to best. I realized that best buddys can make an essential difference for PvP so I have to work on those. Right now I really regret not best buddying a Snorlax for MLPC, because it reaches a breakpoint against Gyarados. 2 damage per Lick becomes 3 damage per Lick against Gyarados when Snorlax has 15 attack + best buddy. 50% more fast move damage… that’s the stuff you need

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(For Reference only)

I only best buddy one of any species (I have 5 perfect rayquazas , 4 giratinas, etc but see no need to have multiples at this time.) Also Mr EX 777 if you dont care about this badge why post. Keep it to yourself if youre not going to be positive and also, do better.

These are my best buddies so far

I am working on Gyarados with Bite/Crunch, Tyrantitar with Smack Down/Stone Edge/Crunch, Tyrantitar with Bite/Crunch/Stone Edge, and Charizard(Mega Y) with Blast Burn.

Trying to buddy my Pokémons that Mega Evolve. Not sure if the Pokémon get a double boost for my buddy partner during a battle while being mega evolved. Thought I give it a try…

Course I have hard time with feeding my buddies my berries because I am too busy throwing them at my Pokémons in the gym. I’m not trying to hold the gym per se but I always needed the stardust.

See how many berries!