How many boxes did you open?

So how many boxes did you guys get to farm? I’ve seen a bunch of people saying they were planning like 50 so I was wondering if they actually reached the goal. I got 36 myself this time around.
Also, what are you guys planning to use all those exp cards on?

  • What’s Nero fest (0 boxes)
  • 1-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-75
  • 75-99
  • RIP fingers (100+)

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Edit: I underestimated the grinding powers that Nero fest gives people. I’m sending prayers to all your fingers

  • 100-125
  • 126-150
  • 151-175
  • 176-200
  • 200-250
  • 250-300
  • Farming god (300+)

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I’ve actually only opened 10 so far, to clear out all the grand prizes. but I still have something like 92k petals to go through from lotto farming, so…

Holy boxes! That’s a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I just put 100+ as a joke but I didn’t think people would have that many petals. Good luck to your fingers

Since maintenance is going on I don’t know the exact count but I think I ended up at around 80. I just started a new job recently and so I’ve been a bit busy I didn’t even think I’d hit 50 so I’m glad I managed to pull this many :slight_smile:

I opened 70 for the QP So I could upgrade some skills for the CQ. I have 83k petals left when I last checked. Not looking forward to the upcoming hours of tapping…

I’ve seen people posting about 300+ boxes worth of petals

mine is nothing compared to that level of madness enhancement

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You might need some higher options for the apple hoarders…

Having started FGO during the Summer Race event and going into this with zero apples, I am pretty satisfied with my 38 boxes. Certainly helped my gain a ton of skill levels on my servants!

I felt pretty proud that I managed to grind to get 36 boxes. I feel very lazy compared to everyone else now

I managed to get 14 open! I’m happy with that result considering I went into the event with only 2 servants who had their third skill!


155 boxes, it was my first lottery event and I’ll be busy on Christmas (at least I say that now). Never had so many secret gems, or dreamed of having so many. My biggest problem actually was that I ran out of ascension materials and monuments, I cleared the shop of those as well.
Now I’ll be crying for the next weeks of grinding the treasure vault with the same 3turn setup as Nerofest finals.

on a side note, I’m very interested in what the christmas3 lotto box numbers will look like

since that has the da vinci rerun lotto around the corner, which some people may opt to just save apples for that lotto’s mats instead of splurging them all on christmas3

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I think there are fair bit of people in the 200-300 categories


I have failed Nero :fgo_deadinside:


Not open it yet actually bc of maintenance :fgo_badciv:. Got more boxes than I expected last time, around 43 or so but my original plan was 50 boxes so things didn’t work out well for me :fgo_dshy:

I’ve only opened 13 at the moment (I needed some crash QP for Sanzang’s 1st skill for KH and some crash gems for BB who I only had at 1/1/1).

But I ended with about 58k petals in stock, so I’ll end with just over 100, which was my original goal. The medal farming took much longer than I wanted (but I did want the stuff from the shop) and I didn’t get to farm petals at all until halfway through the 2nd round. Something like 75 Gold Apples, 60ish Silver Apples spent farming.

I also miscalculated what I needed (I think, to 4/4/4 all of my remaining servants, I need something like 216 Caster gems. I originally thought I needed 200, which is why my goal was 100 resets, but even with what I opened already I’m going to be a tad short).

Important question: besides saving a couple hundred for Mecha Eli who’s coming soon, how is everyone planning to spend their EXP cards? I’m going to grail BB to 90, Jaguar Warrior to 90 (I really, really wanted Bryn but she refused to come home to me) and maybe grail Saber Fran to 90 and who I nab from the 4* ticket (down to 3 options- Nitocris is a distant 3rd, and considered only because of her 100% NP charge, Lancer Alter is 2nd, mainly due to how I have JAlter Lily who can farm easier with a non-MLB Kscope, and Wu Zetian, who is 1st because I don’t have any quick support and probably won’t have the budget to try for NEET-hime on Halloween.)

don’t worry. she loses her job next year anyways


I’ve seen 2 people both with 8 MLB Cheer for Master on their support lists and one Divine Three-Legged Race CE. I “only” opened 135 boxes and had enough drops for 3 MLBS. Now I’m sure they had more copies than they could put on their support lists, and based off of my drops, they could have opened more than 400 boxes.


So what you’re saying is I can never redeem myself to Nero :fgo_deadinside: