How many heroic ordeals have you missed/lost the chance to get

I was scrolling through the page, trying to see what heroes I still needed to do (it makes no sense to me that you cant see the hero’s level without clicking next on each one) and realized it shows you how many heroes you didnt get the flowers for that you either inherited or manual’d. I’m curious to see how the section looks like for everyone else. Share some screenshots lol

Mine is actually not as bad as I expected it to be.


I’m doing well for those.


Tobin was before manuals and he had no fodder so he got chucked. Conrad was because I was too keen, foddering 1 to Soleil and manualling the other copy I’d gotten in the same circle.

Had been missing Karl until recently having gotten rid of the 3 I’d got in 2017 but then he made an appearance last month.


Knowing how inattentive I can be, surprisingly none. My older units before Ordeals existed were hoarded and don’t have any fodder to be worth making a Manual of them and newer units I just use the Level 40 conversation as a reminder.


I have a few

Most of them are units I foddered before Ordeals became a thing. Karin is the exception. Another case of me mass manualling without paying attention. I did that with Altena and it took me over a year before I pulled another copy of her.


Just summer Xander. I couldn’t fodder him fast enough.

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None, but that only because I encounteted a wild Kliff after having foddered the one I summoned before Ordeals existed (other than him I used to try and save a single copy of each hero).


I don’t really do them… I have like 190 that I still need to do for units I have on me

When it comes to units I had that I didn’t do its roughly 120 units

None. Out of the 695 unique units I’ve got I’ve done all of their HOs. I typically don’t fodder off units I have only one of but there have been a few times of where I really needed a certain skill but even so I still remember to do their HO beforehand. I think S!Gunn is the only unit I still cannot do but still have the DR from it.

Gen 1 units that I never bothered to build got bumped up to about level 20 with L!Azura to get through. Gen 2 I believe I had always built up to 5* level 40 with the exception of one GHB unit I can’t remember off the top of my head.


Virtually none.
The exceptions are Sigurd and Summer Xander, way back from 2017/2018 when they came with bad IVs and some units needed their skills desperately. Haven’t gotten another copy ever since.

Still waiting to get Sigurd via 4* Special and free summon Xander after each year passes.


The only ones I’ve missed out on is Navarre, I think? Way back when I used the copies for Blazing Wind fodder, or at least, that’s the only thing I can think of killing him for, and I am not spending 100 grails for 2 flowers.

The other was Summer Lorenz, I just forgot to do his ordeal (during the time where I actually cared to do HM farming, until IS increases HM per battle I can care less for finishing them).


Only one I’m missing out of 625 heroes is her:
Screenshot_20220922-204557_Fire Emblem Heroes

I usually try to keep units I only have one copy of, but Halloween Nowi had bad IVs and was my only source of Hone Fliers back then, so I foddered her to Bridal Sanaki when I was trying to assemble a competent Flier squad (when Blade Tomes were still cool)


You don’t want to see my list. There’s too many on my side. Granted, the count’s off due to units that are actually in my reserves without completed ordeals.

So, let’s leave it at that…


PA!Shigure because I foddered him to Y!Azura before Heroic Ordeals were a thing.

Same with Katarina, Luke, B!Roy, S!Takumi, Joshua, LA!Eliwood and Canas. (Last three is because grails are more valuable to me thanks to surge of grail projects I got going.) All were foddered before Heroic Ordeals were a thing.

Shoutout to Linhardt’s HO being incomplete because I have no clue how to beat his map with his 4 star self since that map has F!Julia (who counters Surtr cheese) and so many high res units that make Linhardt being damage nearly impossible.


Too many of them :sneezing_face: Almost all of the oldest units at 3/4* rarity are there waiting their turn in queue. But i have no intention to do it :_


That and Merlinus’s one are my bane, seriously.


Pain chip and a Dancer is my go-to for healer Ordeals. The Lindhardt I used was -Atk and only ran an Atk boosting seal. Even regular Pain can work if you don’t want to waste Feathers. If you can bring a Dancer that can survive or even defeat the biggest threats. Don’t forget he only need 2 kills.


Waaaaay too many, since I sent a good chunk of 3* and 4* units into the baracks… “for later”

“later” won’t happen, I know myself too well

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Marisa and Lloyd because I had to clear barracks space before combat manuals were a thing.

Also I was an idiotic new player who didn’t understand the value of certain types of fodder (e.g. Infantry Pulse).

I might do Marisa if she is ever run as a HoF candidate. Lloyd I’m not going to spend the grails on.