How many Lucky Friend trades do you have pending?

With people you actually have met and/or have some hope of actually completing the trade? 14 for me. I need to save stuff that people might actually want, I generally trade things amongst my family, whether it turns out great or not.

Several lucky trades with PoGo trainers. Would like to trade but with the pandemic, trainers are in Japan, never meet the trainers, and no way to communicate with them; the trades will never happen.

Maybe somewhat off topic but have you seen or done a lucky trade in the last few weeks. Lucky trades have been missing in action for me.

Several with my son/wife in-house stuff. Per usual I traded for a level 26 gabite and it went 13/12/12. Also my son had a shiny Kyogre that was maxed but only was 4058…I traded it to me bc thought it would have to be higher than 4058…(Myself I already have a 14/15/15 blue Kyogre with 2 moves)…it came to me at exactly 4058! The shiny Kyogre I traded him had slightly better IVs but gonna have him use another lucky one he already had at level 36 right now

I have about 20 now… remote trading with lucky friends would be nice