How many people are even in tier 21+ of Aether raids?

So I made it into tier 21 last season! hooray! I figured all that i’d need to worry about is just staying at least, since your points automatically go down back to T21. However, I had an alright run this week and saw that somehow i’m in the top thousand. Did i just do that good? Or is there like no one up here? Granted; I understand how difficult it is to go from 20 to 21, so it would make sense if there wasn’t much of anyone up here. But still, i’m just curious if anyone knows.


I’m up here and I’ve never gotten a golden throne. :fgo_seiba:
But then again… sometimes I use 80/100 lift teams :byleeeth:

I’m assuming you used as much aether as possible. A lot of people use as little as possible at first, then use it all up at the end of the season. I usually wait til the weekend when I have more time.


Mm, hard to recall exactly. I’m here, Banraku, Maskil, uhhh, I think there’s like 2 more I can’t remember atm…

It’s just the first day, people don’t spend their aether on the first day, most only spend 100.

There are about 13000+ people in T21


Does spending less aether on the first day and spending more later on do anything in terms of scoring? I like to spend all my aether on day 1 since i run into easier battles on day 1 so i’m wondering if that’s not the optimal way to score.

A lot of people spend minimal aether early in the season, but I think there’s plenty players up there. I just got to Tier 21 myself. I did some more early attacks just so that I can get more data for my spreadsheet I’m working on, and since I don’t have an Astra mythic (so it’s a throwaway).


The idea is that if you spend less your score will be lower the whole week and theoretically you will face “easier” opponents because their score will be closer to yours.

In practice I don’t think it makes that much of a difference, many do the same thing so there’s a good chance you will face strong opponents anyway, but the probability is slightly higher if you bump your score fast.

PS: You do not face easier battles on day 1, it’s random based on your lift, if you spend all of it on day 1 your last battle will be against an opponent in a higher tier than your first battle. The same logic applies to the next day, it does not matter which day it is, only the total lift you have when you go into a fight.



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Don’t bulli me and my literal 0 offensive mythics (Astra AND light)

At least 17

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It really doesn’t make that much of a difference, trust me. I face the same brain dead garbage teams that I faced back in like tier 19.

It can make a difference, if after 2-3 days you are in top 100 for example, you can be sure that you will be facing a strong team because all people in that range will have close to perfect offense and defense during that period.

But generally speaking yeah, I don’t think it makes much of a difference.

What did you fodder Eir for? :hecmad:

First nice job getting to Tier 21!

I’m currently Tier 22.

Not much people spent all their aether on the first day or on Tier 27 yet so that’s why you’re so high up.

Still try your best.

MB to make a 70 Atk F!Celica who performs surprisingly bad despite her high Atk

Now fodder her to Alm so he can repeatedly use Double Lion


Implying I have an Alm instead of two +HP -Atk Leifs, a Siegbert, and two M!Morgans, both +Def

almost forgot to include my Roy, Laevatin, and +Res -Atk Ayra

Then fodder Mystic Boost to Wrys so he can combat high tier dragon threats like Ninian and F!Kana

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