How many runs do i need ? half AP event

So it’s that time of the year, time for anniversary half AP farming, so i want to know how many runs or apple do i need to reach QP cap ?
++as for the apple usage i have plenty gold and silver apple so i can just go wild with my farming. i just worried about time since i need to manage my free and working hour :((

Well at an average of 4.5 mil qp per run of extreme qp node, 0 to 2 billion is ~450 runs. At half ap and assuming you have a 142 ap bar, that is 63 gapples

FGA can make short work of that many apples


damn 450 runs. i tought cap was 999.999.999.

assuming that 3 turn farm needed 1 minute and a half less or more( doesn’t include loading time ), so 450 run should take me more or less like 12 hour , damn then it will took me 2-3 days at best since i only have 4 hours of free time (sucks).
thanks a lot for the info mate.

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The qp cap was doubled when coins released. If you only want to reach the old cap, only half the apples are required. Less if you aren’t starting from 0

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i think i will take on the 2billion cap challenge, so i dont need to farm qp for a while

Don’t forget how much qp you will get from the upcoming lottery. It’s annoying to open boxes anr watch your hard earned qp dissappear because you are at cap and don’t currently have anything to spend it on. Not as much of a problem with appends available, but it could be


oh yeah there’s lottery, well then ill get to 1 billion so that i don’t waste anything, thanks for the heads up!