How many sixers?

I was just looking over my units by rarity and saw that after starting with 2 Sieges and 2 Ifrits I’ve been doing pretty well at avoiding doubles.

Here’s what I have to compare:
I have 21 different 6 star operators.
4 of those are at pot 2 (Ifrit, Mostima, W and Eyja)
1 at pot 3 (Hoshi)
and 1 at pot 5 (Siege)

So in total it’s 31 6 star pulls with 10 of those being doubles.

Wondering about other people and how their luck compares.
There are currently 32 released 6 star operators if anybody wanted to know.


Listed by order of acquisition of first copy

  • Hellagur [Forging Steel]

  • Ch’en [Summer Guardians]

  • Shining [Summer Guardians]

  • Exusiai [Tutorial Roll]

  • Ifrit [Top Operator]

  • Saria [Top Operator]

    • Potential 2 [Joint Operation 2]
  • Siege [Top Operator]

    • Potential 2 [CC0 Royal Vanguard Tokens]
  • Weedy [Cremation Last Wish]

    • Potential 5 [Cremation Last Wish]
  • Angelina [Cremation Last Wish]

  • W [Cremation Last Wish]

    • Potential 6 + Dupe [Cremation Last Wish]
  • Aak [Cremation Last Wish]

  • Bagpipe [Cremation Last Wish]

  • Skadi [Distinction Shop]

    • Potential 2 [Top Operator]
  • Mostima [Joint Operation 2]

  • Nightingale [Top Operator]

  • Ceobe [Forget Me Not]

  • Thorns [Forget Me Not]

For amount spent on banners/number of rolls

  • Forging Steel = 10

  • Summer Guardians = Approximately 37

  • Cremation Last Wish = 300

  • Joint Operation 2 = 50

  • Forget Me Not = Free Rolls

Plus a few standards early on


I’m very bad at avoiding doubles. I have more pot 2s than pot 1s.

Pot 1: Chen, Ange, Magallan, Aak, Exu
Pot 2: Blaze, Hellagur, Hoshi, Eyja, Siege, Nightingale, Shining, W
Pot 3: Ceobe, Ifrit
Pot 4: Silverash, Bagpipe
Pot 5: Rosmontis, Mudrock

19 different 6*s.
26 dupe 6*s.
45 total 6*s.


Also, apparently, I have 60 of the 68 5 stars currently in the game.

Missing April, Flint, Andreana, Tsukinogi, Sesa, Liezi, Waifu, Breeze

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I have 12 6*s

  • 1 is from the Beginner Banner when you start the game
  • 2 are from Recruit
  • All the rest are from roll, most of them are from Spook ( I think only W and Rosa and Megallan are from their respective banner)

From those 12:

  • 2 are pot 2 and were bought in the shop
  • 1 is pot 2 from a spook roll

Im currently at 24 unique 6*
Disregarding shop acquisitions and tokens I have
Pot2 - Mudrock, Surtr, Nightingale, Saria, Weedy, Skadi, Magallan.
The only higher potential I have is forever level 1 pot3 Siege.
Overall I think my 6* spooknights is not that bad.


I started right before the Children of Ursus event.

As far as 6* go, I’ve got :

  • Hoshiguma as a starter
  • Rosa from her banner
  • Ch’en as a spook on Standard Pool 21
  • Exusai from recruitment
  • Suzuran from her own banner (on the very next pull) -> Pot 2 (spook from Eunectes banner)
  • Skadi from her own banner -> Pot 2 (from recruitment)
  • Ceobe spook from… somewhere
  • W from her own banner (obviously)
  • Weedy spook from Thorns banner
  • SilverAsh from store
  • Saria from anniversary guarantee (completely F2P otherwise)
  • Surtr from her own banner
  • Phantom from Standard 33 (where he was rate up)
  • Ifrit from recruitment
  • Mudrock from her own banner

So, to summarize

  • 15 different 6*
  • 2 pot 2 (1 from spook, 1 from recruitment)
  • 3 6* from recruitment
  • 1 from distinction shop
  • 4 spooks
  • 7 from rate up
  • starter 6* and 6* from guarantee in store
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I’ve also been pretty good at avoiding doubles.

• 17 unique 6 stars
• 3 pot 2 (Nightingale, Saria, Magallan)
• 1 pot 5 Siege (twinning!)

Which makes 24 total 6 stars, with only 7 copies.


I have all but spooknight is still in effect in many banners :fgo_gudako:, average spending for each new banner is 50 rolls, the worst I spent aside from limited banners is not 6* banner but a double rate up 5* in 140 roll just for pot 1 Tsukinogi :fgo_shutensip:


Pot 9: Mosty
Pot 6: Ch’en, Ceobe
Pot 5: Exia, Saria, Bagpipe, Shining
Pot 4: Rosa, SilverAsh, Weedy
Pot 3: Schwarz, Nightingale, Skadi, Angelina, Siege, Hoshiguma
Pot 2: Hellagur, Eyjafjalla, W, Rosmontis, Phantom, Blaze, Surtr, Ifrit
The rest are pot 1


Starting at the last few days of CC0
Almost… always try to get guarantee pull at each banner.

20 six, which contains;
1 from yellow cert
8 from Top Op tag

7 dupes

54 five
And numerous dupes up to pot 5


I have 19 unique operators.7 of them at pot 2. 1 at pot 3 (W) and Bagpipe at pot 4. Note that my Bagpipe got her 2 pot from red cert shop’s token and cc shop token


27 unique operators.

But considering I bought 3 selectors so far and I had 2 disaster rolls. I guess my luck is average.

Potentials on my ops

I bought the first selector back then got Hoshi.

Bought Hellagur and Ceobe later.

But my first 4 months were dupe town. Only later did my luck start to pick up. :fgo_shutensip:


New player, have been play since February
I have 5 6* operators :

  1. Hoshi (Tutorial)
  2. Shining (Tutorial)
  3. Nightingale (Surtr banner)
  4. Ifrit (Top Operator tag)
  5. Saria (Top Operator tag)

I have 25 unique 6-star operators. With the exception of Phantom they are have all been e2ed and I am working on max leveling them. Dupes are below.

Ch’en is Pot 4
SilverAsh is Pot 2
Exusiai is Pot 2
Eyjafjalla is Pot 2
Siege is Pot 2
Hoshiguma is Pot 3
Hellagur is Pot 2
Skadi is Pot 3
Nightingale is Pot 6 (Her and Ch’en were neck in neck for my first 6 star pot 6 at one point)
Angelina is Pot 2
Ceobe is Pot 2


I have four
In order:
1: shining x2 (I got two in a row, one on each banner)
2: Schwartz (I’ve never used her, short range archers that aren’t AOE seem odd to me)
3: Rosmontis (I wanted mudrock but Ros feels like the easy mode button usually haha)
4: Hoshiguma (I bought the garunteed 6star of choice and when going to pick Blaze and did a zero to Hoshi combo by dropping my phone, failing to catch it and selecting Hoshi, then kicked it into a wall and confirmed it ><)


Started when Darknights is ongoing.

A total of 14 unique 6 stars.
3 Pot 2: SA, Rosmontis, and Weedy.

Pot 5 Siege, still searching for that one last copy


Oo 6pot Sieg? Is there a particular reason you’re 6pot them and not another unit? Or do you just like Siege hehe

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I’m kinda new sorry if I sound dumb lol

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Oh there’s no real reason to max potential Opeartors other than favorites or going full game power, but in Arknights, most of time Operators are fine without a single Potential (Chasing potentials of 6* operators is fairly difficult as well).

Probably the ones that’d care about potentials the most are Vanguard Opeartors (since Deployment points may be crucial on early moments of a stage) and Fast-Redeploy type operators (Units that you want to deploy over and over and over, since the -10 sec. deployment timer and the reduced cost is valuable at the long run).

Even then, those do pretty fine at no potentials, they’re just small add ons that dont give real impact in performance at all. (Unlike other games in which maybe potentials could mean important access to new skills or meanigful stat increases)

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Oo thank you, I know of a certain *cough fire emblem heroes that merges make big difference